Gavin Whittaker’s Guide to Internet Safety – Part Five

image Guest writer Gavin Whittaker has written  an impressive series of ten articles, all designed to  help you navigate the Internet in safety.

We’re presenting Gavin’s highly informative articles, one each day, over the course of ten days.

Here’s the fifth part of the guide to:

  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
  • Highlight the Common Internet Scams
  • Give You the Knowledge & Confidence to Avoid these Online Scams

Today we focus on emails claiming you’ve won the lottery….lucky you!

Said in jest, there’s a millionaire made every minute online.  Emails arriving in your inbox informing you of a vast lottery win is a common type of con.  Spotting them is again down to common sense, after all, how can you win this online lottery if you didn’t enter it in the first place!

If you click the links in such emails then the flood gates are opened to phishing, spyware and scareware (see previous articles).

In addition, the request for personal data so they can send you the check is of course another scam and only contributes towards the theft of your personal identity.

No matter how convincing the email may look, never click the link.  If (and only if), you did enter the lottery in question should you open your browser and manually type in the website address of the lottery provider yourself, accessing your account and checking for yourself.

Guest writer Gavin Whittaker is an IT Author,  Consultant and Trainer, and a Member of the Technology Channels Association.

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