Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 5, 2010

PCWorld Reviewers’ Favorite Downloads: April 2010 – The reviewers and bloggers of PCWorld see a great deal of software every month. In April, their favorites ran the gamut from the useful to the delightful–and a few that fit both descriptions.

10 Hot Apps from Google Apps Marketplace – The recently launched Google Apps Marketplace is essentially a Webstore for cloud computing applications that integrate with and augment Google Apps. Google says more than 1 million Google Apps users are downloading apps from the Marketplace.

Click, click, fixed! – Microsoft’s has now released a new program (beta) called Fix It Center, which combines downloaded tools and online “fix its”. This gives those of you running older versions of Windows (XP, Vista) some of the same diagnostic and repair tools found in Windows 7.

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‘Extremely severe’ flaw in Opera web browser – An “extremely severe” security vulnerability in the Opera browser could put web surfers at risk of remote code execution attack.

Quick Fixes for Internet Annoyances – This week I explain how to deal with Web browsing annoyances, like how to “unlike” annoying fan pages in Facebook, speed up Firefox, and keep iTunes links from automatically launching the app.

TechRepublic: Virus & Spyware Removal Checklist – Eliminating malware requires a systematic process with no missed steps. This checklist will make it easier to do an effective, thorough job. Note: Free Registration is required.

Sexy girls with bad spelling warning – If you are a member of micro-blogging service Twitter, beware of sexy girls who can’t spell, a security expert has warned. Attractive female members of Twitter with atrocious spelling skills are not all they seem to be, it has been warned.

Free Bing app streams thousands of top-100 tunes – Microsoft isn’t known for giving away software, but right now you can download the Top 100s by Year by Bing app free of charge. (Catchy name, huh?)

Browser War Update: IE Takes Another Big Hit – Browser War Update: Internet Explorer Dying?Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser market share has dipped to a historic all-time-low in April, at under 60 percent, according the latest NetApplications statistics.

Facebook Privacy Concerns Don’t Stop Risky Behavior on Social Networks – A survey by Consumer Reports highlights many people are not using the privacy controls available on social networks and are sharing information that can expose them to identity theft and other crimes – including their addresses and when they are going to be home. Here are some tips on how to better protect yourself when you use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Google Editions: Bringing E-Books to Your Browser – Google wants to bring your digital book reader into the cloud. Here’s a look at the company’s upcoming e-bookstore and what it could mean for you.

Off Topic:

Sophos Sold: Behind the Sophos Sale – The email hit my inbox last night just as I was winding down for the day. Subject: “Sophos Selling Majority Interest to APAX for $830M.”

NEWSWEEK: Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too) – I’m not opposed to 3-D as an option. I’m opposed to it as a way of life. (submitted by Dar)

Women blame BlackBerrys and iPhones for poor sex life – Modern gadgets such as the Blackberry and iPhone are ruining women’s sex lives because their husbands are too distracted in the bedroom. More than a quarter of women (28 per cent) claim that email and internet are disrupting their love lives, with hand-held devices particularly to blame.

Who knew? 90 sec RF generated plasma energy kills bugs in wood – When beetles wage war on a piece of newly-constructed furniture, questions arise on heat treating in order to destroy the destroyers… (submitted by Dar)

Today’s Quote:

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

–    Napoleon Bonaparte

Today’s Free Downloads:

HandBrake – Got a DVD that you want to turn into a friendly format so that you can store it on your hard disk, make a backup to disc, or play on a mobile device? You’ll want HandBrake. It grabs video and audio and outputs a digital file in a wide range of formats including MPEG-4, AVI, OGM, MP3, and more.

Real Alternative – Once upon a time, the only way to play RealMedia files was to use RealPlayer. This wouldn’t have been so bad, but the RealPlayer proved vulnerable to malware. RealMedia has slipped in popularity, but you still run across .rm or .ra files–and you’ll want Real Alternative to play them.

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