Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 29, 2010

Five Best Online File Sharing Services – Five Best Online File Sharing ServicesWhen you want to share a file with a friend but don’t want to hassle with email attachment limits or running a home server, very little beats a fast online file sharing service. Here’s a look at five of your best options.

How-To: Long Live Your Laptop Battery! – Keep your laptop battery working for years (and for hours between charges).

10 new technologies that will revolutionise your life – 10 new technologies that will revolutionise your life The tech advances set to make a real difference.

A Fantastic FREE 3D Online Chess Game – If you are an avid chess player, then you will appreciate SparkChess (FlashChess III). The “cool factor” here is, you do not need to install any software to play this 3D online chess game. SparkChess (FlashChess III) is a cloud application, meaning, the game can be played straight from your web browser.

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Facebook Sharing Data has Nothing to do with Ads – Tucked into Facebook’s new proposed privacy policy released yesterday was a paragraph saying the social network will automatically share your data with special “pre-approved” partners when you visit their sites.

The 10 Best Graphics Cards In The World Today – For much of the last 10 years, the graphics card market has been a bit of a dull place to be. Similarly to how Intel has been completely dominating the CPU market, Nvidia has led the way with GPUs. However, the last couple of years have been a lot more interesting.

Why 3D TV is just a pointless gimmick – 3D is just another gimmick, right down there with Smell-O-Vision, electric shocks coming through the seat, vibrating cinema chairs and, of course, the last 17 times that the industry has tried to make 3D into the Next Big Thing. And we still don’t need it.

Off Topic:

The Story behind the Nigerian Phishing Scam – The scam, commonly known as “advance fee fraud,” has evolved with technological development to include phishing scams — which use fake sites — and keyloggers at cybercafés that steal e-mail login information and send distress calls to contacts.

Policing thought in America: Why can’t we discuss the events of 9/11? – The brain trust that calls itself The Huffington Post has disgraced itself and shown the progressive left is a cowardly fraud by removing a column guest written by Jesse Ventura about 9/11. (submitted by Dar)

10 Signs You’re a Social Media Addict – Are you getting obsessed with tweets, uploads, and writing on your wall? See our checklist to be sure.

An incredible Ferrari 250 GTO – A classic! (submitted by Dar)

Today’s Quote:

“What’s the point of havin’ a rapier wit if I can’t use it to stab people?”

–     Jeph Jacques

Today’s Free Downloads:

Luxand Blink! – Luxand Blink! is a free product from Luxand, a maker of facial recognition and image editing software. What Blink! does is allow a PC equipped with a webcam to scan your face during the login process. If it matches a previously saved template, it will allow you to login by facial recognition instead of password.

FlashGot – Downloading FLV files has never been easier, thanks to FlashGot, an unobtrusive Firefox add-on. Even without a user guide, this simple program will have the least experienced user downloading files in an instant.

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3 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 29, 2010

  1. Ashwin

    You know, people should start posting reasons on why we should actually use Facebook.
    Way too many controversies, scams,hacks,etc

    Bill, do you like Flashgot too?

    It supports multiple download managers.
    I have been using Flashgot and Gigaget (a fast and reliable download manager, not popular though).

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Ashwin,

      Sorry for the long delay – you ended up in Spam folder. Don’t know why – very strange.

      I use a FF add-on “Download Helper” – simple, effective.



  2. Mal

    Hey Ashwin,

    I posted recently about why I even bother with Facebook, considering the number of people who get hacked and malware on there.

    I have to follow up on Flashgot, never used it to date, but one program I do use to download and convert flv files is Any Video Converter, a very nifty program, available on