Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 26, 2010

25 Best Open-Source (or Freeware) Alternatives You Need To Download – The best (and cheapest) software we’ve been able to find across different themes: graphics design, system optimization, games, and office/productivity, and have compiled our picks into this comprehensive list.

What are the Internet’s most dangerous search words? – The people who push malware love to trap victims via search. Security companies refer to what they do as “SEO poisoning.” They identify popular search terms, figure out which ones are likely to bring them suitable targets, and then optimize pages so engines like Google and Bing display their results on the first page.

IE8, Firefox, Safari, and iPhone All Get Pwned – As expected, security researchers found exploits in all of the targeted platforms in a contest that put browser security to the test.

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Twitter May Be Prepping Auto-Translate Option – Twitter appears to be preparing to roll out a feature that would automatically translate posts into any language you choose.

With Skinput, Your Body Is Your Keyboard – This upcoming technology transforms your flesh into an input device.

U.S. Said To Be Eyeing Cybersecurity Ambassador Role – The U.S. State Department and Congress reportedly are considering creating an ambassador-level position for negotiating cybersecurity matters at the United Nations and for ensuring the country has a consistent international policy on the issue

Gonzalez gets 20 years for TJX credit card scam – As his parents and sister silently wept, hacker mastermind Albert Gonzalez was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court to two concurrent 20-year stints in prison for his role in what prosecutors called the “unparalleled” theft of millions of credit and debit card numbers from major U.S. retailers.

Frenchman Arrested for Hacking Obama’s Twitter Account – A French man has been arrested for hacking into the Twitter account of President Barack Obama, French police said.

Off Topic:

NASA finds life beneath 600 ft. of ice in Antarctica – NASA scientists found a shrimp-like creature and a tentacle that appears to be from a jellyfish beneath 600 feet of ice in Antarctica.

The GUI: Change or Die – Computer hardware has made some massive leaps in the past 30 years. So, John Dvorak wonders, why are we stuck with the same old GUI?

How creative destruction is altering the economics of higher education – If you have college-bound children or are still in school yourself, you are only too keenly aware of the high price of education: $20,000, $40,000, $60,000 a year and up.

Today’s Quote:

“Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.”

–       Samuel Johnson

Today’s Free Downloads:

Comodo Firewall – Comodo’s award-winning firewall provides users with prevention-based PC protection that slams the door shut on viruses, malware, and hackers.

DVDStyler Burns Virtually Any Video to DVD – Burning any old video file to a playable DVD is a bit of a hassle. We’ve always liked using DVD Flick for tackling the task, but DVDStyler is another great option with a bit more focus on nice menus.

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