FREE License for LayerView – Windows Network Analyzer

If I was a malware writer, the most important function of the malware would be to “phone home”, with the information I had targeted to steal. There’s nothing unusual about this, since much of the malware currently infecting the Internet does just that.

So, keeping that in mind, when I have an issue on one of my home machines, and occasionally I do, the very first thing I check is the state of the ports on that machine. Actually, since I’m involved in Internet security, I monitor my open ports and Internet connections frequently throughout a browsing session.

We’re not limited to just port checking when it comes to network integrity, however. A particularly good tool for this job, is a network analyzer; often referred to as a packet sniffer.

At first glance you might think that packet sniffing is time consuming, and not worth the effort. But it is worth the effort, and it’s not time consuming. More to the point, in my view, it’s a strong component of the layered defense approach to Internet security, that regular readers of this site are familiar with.

Regular reader Fathom Out, let me know recently, that a free license (regular price $39.00), is available for one such network analyzer, LayerView.

While I have not tested this application, Fathom Out reports the following – “It’s fairly good with a clean interface. Only problem I’ve come across is that, when running for a long time, it takes up a lot of RAM”.

From the developer’s site:

LayerView is a lightweight, robust, flexible packet sniffer which allows you to take control of your network.

It will show you exactly what data your computer is sending and receiving.

Conversation view – LayerView reconstructs entire TCP/UDP conversations for browsing.

Protocol analysis – LayerView can decode a wide range of protocols, with more being added every day.

Full filtering support – LayerView lets you search through and filter data collected.

Once LayerView has been installed, you will see this screen. From here you can begin using LayerView.


System requirements: Windows 2003, Vista, XP, Server 2008

Download at: LayerView.  After you have downloaded the application, return to the free license page for the license.

Note: Email registration is required to obtain the free license.

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11 responses to “FREE License for LayerView – Windows Network Analyzer

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  2. Azziz

    thanks for this

    Extended by popular demand: LayerView is completely FREE for the next 61 days, 0 hours, 3 minutes and 36 seconds!

  3. Murphy

    Thanks for this info . Good job.
    Best regards !

  4. Hi Bill,

    I’m the guy who leads development on LayerView. Thanks for picking up our offer!

    I wanted to write and say, we are beginning to plan the next major version of LayerView. So we’d really like to invite your readers to send us their thoughts on the product: what they liked and didn’t like, and any new feature requests. Feedback like that is invaluable to us in shaping the product – we really do listen to each and every comment. In fact one of the reasons we’re giving the product away for free is because we’d really like to generate this kind of feedback. It’s surprising how little we hear from our customers, given how many of them there are!

    Again, thanks for picking up our offer and I hope you all find LayerView useful.


    – Tom

    Tom Colvin
    Ask The Earth, Ltd.
    tom dot colvin at asktheearth dot com.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Tom,

      Great application, and a great offer. Thank you.

      I’m not entirely surprised that you don’t often hear from users. Human nature predisposes us (it seems), to whine, and complain; not to offer constructive input.

      In this case, I encourage readers to take you up on your offer, and provide you with appropriate feedback.



  5. Ranjan

    Well, it seemed a nice app to me and was about to install it but decided to have it analysed at virustotal (thats my habit), but McAfee flagged it as Win32 downloader. Us this a FP? What do you think Bill ?

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Ranjan,

      That’s a very good practice – in this case you’re dealing with a false positive though. Very often, in an install package, you’ll see a false positive marked as Win32 downloader simply because of the way the installer behaves.

      I received an email from the developer this morning, and they seem like a very responsible company.


    • Hi Ranjan,

      Thanks for pointing that out.
      We check the executables that we publish very carefully and have just re-checked: it appears to be virus free. Naturally we can only vouch for our official site at – if you downloaded from elsewhere please let me know. (In fact always downloading from the original manufacturer’s website is good practise in general).
      Otherwise I will contact McAfee and let them know of this apparent false-positive. Again, thanks for mentioning it.


      – Tom

      Tom Colvin
      Ask The Earth Ltd.

  6. Ranjan

    I also thought the same as only McAfee screamed it as infected while all others stated it as clean. Also uploaded it to threatexpert and found nothing suspicious.

    @Tom Colvin
    My pleasure and thank you too for clearing that up. 🙂
    And ya, i always download from the manufacturer’s original site. Afterall, these little things are the very components which provide a strong foundation to one’s security.