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malware 5 Yesterday, I mentioned that I run Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware every day, as a secondary malware scanner, since there is no one anti-malware tool that is likely to identify and remove all of the Trojans, Spyware, Viruses, and other threats, we now face.

I also mentioned – there’s no harm in installing more than one antimalware application to be used as a secondary scanner, and that doing so, can be advantageous.

In addition to running a daily quick scan with Malwarebytes’, I run a daily quick scan using the free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware. The free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware ( updated February 18, 2010), is an excellent choice, as a (primary or additional), secondary malware scanner.

The free version of this award winning program, is used by millions of people worldwide to protect their computers. And why not? SUPERAntiSpyware is well known for its high malware detection rate.

A simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface makes SUPERAntiSpyware straightforward to setup, customize, and run, for both less experienced and expert users alike.

SuperAntispyware 1

One extra feature in this anti-malware product is particularly appealing; a repair function, which allows the user to recover settings frequently wrecked by malware, and which are often not recoverable despite removal of the malware process.

These settings include Internet connections, lost desktops, the ability to edit the registry and  access to the task manager which is often knocked out by a malware attack.

SuperAntispyware 2

Since SUPERAntiSpyware (Free Edition), does not provide real time protection against infection, I don’t recommend that you use this free version of as a stand alone security application since it simply will not offer you adequate protection. Instead, use it only as an on-demand scanner.

I’ve been using SUPERAntiSpyware as a secondary scanner for years, and I have no hesitation in stating that this application deserves its reputation as a first class security application. SUPERAntiSpyware is fast, efficient, and effective, and I highly recommend that you add it to your security toolbox, as a secondary line of defense.

Note: Be sure to manually update the definition database, before running a scan.

SuperAntispyware 3

Fast facts:

Quick, Complete and Custom Scanning of Hard Drives, Removable Drives, Memory, Registry, Individual Folders and More! Includes Trusting Items and Excluding Folders for complete customization of scanning!

Detect and Remove Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, Hijackers and many other types of threats.

Repair broken Internet Connections, Desktops, Registry Editing, Task Manager and more with our unique Repair System! Spyware applications often disable system components to prevent removal – SUPERAntiSpyware resets and restores these items in seconds.

Quarantine items detected and removed for complete protection. Items in the quarantine may be restored to your computer if desired.

Detailed scan logs with complete information about detected and removed threats and their locations within your computer. Scan logs allow you to review scheduled scan results at any time.

Multi-Dimensional Scanning – SUPERAntiSpyware is a next generation scanning system that goes beyond the typical rules based scanning methods. Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning system detects existing threats as well as threats of the future by analyzing threat characteristics in addition to code patterns.

Process Interrogation Technology – SUPERAntiSpyware features our unique Process Interrogation Technology (PIT) that allows threats to be detected no matter where they are hiding on your system. Many new types of threats utilize “Rootkits” or “Kernel Drivers” to hide themselves to avoid detection by standard anti-spyware applications. SUPERAntiSpyware’s Process Interrogation Technology locates even the toughest of threats.

System Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Media Center, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7. (According to the developer, SUPERAntiSpyware will work in 32-bit mode under 64-bit versions of Windows. A native 64-bit edition will be available later this year).

Download at: SUPERAntiSpyware

A free SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner is also available.

Download at: SUPERAntiSpyware

Important note: Virtually all free security applications are programmed to autostart after installation, so be aware of this, and make the necessary adjustments using MSConfig.

As a full fledged security application, with all of its features unlocked; real-time protection, scheduled scanning, and scheduled updating, SUPERAntiSpyware is very well priced at $29.95 US.

On purchase, SUPERAntiSpyware offers a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

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  2. Nick

    Hi Bill!
    Zemana offer another promotions at Sofpedia!

  3. Hi Bill,
    As you know I have very high regard for SAS. One day I ran into someone with a Norton Antivirus 2009 bumper sticker, I assumed she must work for Symantec ( why else would you have a Norton bumper sticker) and so I asked her. She did work on the AV development team and seemed pleased to talk about it. I told her I like the new version and I do, its much faster than the dreaded old Norton of old, but that I had such good success with some of the new tools I didn’t see a need for huge “360” bundle because of programs like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. What really surprised me was that she new all about these tools and said” in a way your safer with programs from more than one vendor”. Its an important concept, many zero day exploits are part of “kits” bad guys purchase in IRC chat rooms. One of the first requirements of any new programs is that it defeat Norton , McAfee, and Trend Micro the 3 big brands usually found on new PC’s. Most bad guys know the “low hanging fruit” for security exploits is the relatively unsophisticated user who often just uses whatever program their PC shipped with. Therefore using a compliment of tools including SAS, MBAM, and an AV is much safer than just running one all inclusive program.
    Have a good weekend, hope to get some skiing in next week!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Mark,

      Very educational comment! Great story – you’ve got an article there.

      You lucky dog – the season is over, here. Yesterday, it got up to 55 F, and the long range for the rest of the month is +10 F above the average. I’m not complaining thought – at least not yet. lol

      Have a great weekend.


  4. Liam O' Moulain

    You are a very busy man Bill!

    Another application for me to try.



  5. g

    Another great program that I use weekly. This is also one you turned me on to many moons ago. Also thanks to you, I was able to get a free upgrade to the pro version. MANY THANKS BILL!! Highly recommend this one.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey My Good Man,

      I’d forgotten about that – that’s an early Alzheimer thing. lol



  6. TeXaCo

    Thanks for reminding me about SAS, I just in the last month or so did a reformat of Windows 7 upgrading from the RC. Some how SAS slipped through the cracks of my full proof plan to reinstall all my necessary programs.

    I guess it wasn’t full proof after all

    Thanks Bill