Download IObit Advanced SystemCare Free – Maximize Your PC’s Potential

When an application is downloaded almost a Million times in one week (last week), from CNET alone, you have to think, there must be something to it.

Application popularity is not always indicative of an application’s strength of course – I can think of more than a few super popular applications, that I wouldn’t have on a system for all the tea in China. But that’s a subjective analysis on my part.

In the case of IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free ( updated Feb 23, 2010), a comprehensive PC care utility, that takes a one-click approach to help protect, repair, and optimize a PC, I can understand the enthusiasm.

This free application provides a super convenient solution for PC maintenance and protection. And if you like, you can complete all maintenance in a minute or two, with just one click.

Advanced SystemCare 1

Alternatively you can approach selective maintenance tasks individually.

Advanced SystemCare 5

The main user interface, which is restricted to a few push buttons, (spyware removal; Registry cleaning; privacy sweep; junk file deletion), couldn’t be easier.

You have the option of taking full control over each process however, if you prefer, as the following example indicates.

Advanced SystemCare 3

The application doesn’t stop with just maintenance though. With the optimization applet you have the opportunity to optimize your machine to reflect how you use it.

Advanced SystemCare 4

There are a host of additional tools, included with this application, for users who like to “get under the hood”.

Fast facts – from the developers site:

Speed Up with Turbo Boost
Advanced SystemCare is built with Turbo Boost to speed up PC by shutting down unnecessary background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance.

Next-generation Registry Cleaner and System Optimization
Safely cleans registry junks, compacts registry bloat and defragments the registry for blistering-fast performance.

Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access
Tunes up Windows by releasing the built-in power of your system.

Fixes Multiple System Errors
More than a mere free XP registry cleaner – keeps your PC stable and running at peak efficiency.

As well as keeping your machine physically clean, it is always good practice to keep your computer’s operating system and subsystems clean, so that you can get maximum performance from your machine. This free application can certainly help you do just that.

System requirements: Windows  7, Vista, XP, 2000 (32bit and 64bit).

Download at: IObit

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24 responses to “Download IObit Advanced SystemCare Free – Maximize Your PC’s Potential

  1. Liam O' Moulain

    Thanks for this Bill.

    Just downloaded and installed – great application. I’m impressed.


  2. abhijit

    Thanks bill…
    I m using it since its first release and it offers a lot of things ……..which makes ur pc run better……………its an compulsory application on my PC ……………..and Recommend it everyone…………………………

  3. abhijit

    Just to add ..they even have a free spyware version which works great…… …………….here……….

    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks for the link Abhijit.

      I agree with your assessment of this app – a great program.


  4. leofelix

    Hi Bill
    thank you
    to be honest I do not trust such optimizers and I do not like IoBit Advanced System Care.
    Byt the way: doesnit Iobit Advanced System Care with a prechecked toolbar and even if unticking it will modify main browser settings as well?



    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Leofelix,

      Would you care to be more specific as to what it is you don’t like about IObit Advanced SystemCare? I’d be very interested in your comment.

      The version of this application that I tested, did not have a toolbar of any description, and I can tell you, if it had a pre-checked toolbar I would have noted this. Especially after I wrote an article on sneaky toolbar vendors, just this week. That would be just a little over the edge – don’t you think?


  5. Georg Lechner

    Hi Bill,

    Advanced System Care, administered in conjunction with IOBit Security 360, is the first security measure I apply on any computer I receive for repair or maintenance. A terrific security suite, and, like all the good things in life, it’s free. Highly recommended.

    Best regards,


    • Bill Mullins

      Frankly Georg, I was more than a little surprised, pleasantly, I might add, at just how effective IObit Advanced SystemCare was in the time I tested it. I have the paid version of of a very well know optimization application on my machines, and IObit Advanced SystemCare is virtually equal in performance.

      As always, I thank you for visiting.



  6. Hi Bill,

    I downloaded this and it found over 9000 problems and fixed them all. Laptop still running okay so something must have worked! lol

    I haven’t tried all the features yet but it is fast, and appears to be as good as Glary Utilities, if that’s a fair comparison (not sure whether they are the same kind of program).

    Thanks for pointing out another freebie, Bill.

    Best wishes,


    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Paul,

      Cool! Glad to hear you found this useful.

      There are some similarities between this and Glary Utilities – so, you’re right, it’s a reasonable comparison. Hope your weather out there is beginning to look at least a little less like Winter.



  7. PeeJay

    I have had this program for several months – since you last mentioned it- and I have the Pro version (you said, and I agree, that once in a while you need to pay a little to get the ideal solution.

    I question the Optimisation module. The other day I was amazed to have 20 svchost service running in Task manager. Surely if this optimiser was doing its job it would have “optimised” the unnecessary ones. I was using the Top Performance Home user setting.

    I always get the little box telling just what the program has done but, in recent months, my laptop has got slower.

    Is it me? Are my expectations too high? I would have thought 20 svchosts should have been jumped on by the program. Neither it (or Tune Up Utilities) did much.


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey PeeJay,

      No, it isn’t you, and you’re expectations aren’t too high, but let’s start with what Microsoft has to say about Svchost.

      *At startup, Svchost.exe checks the services part of the registry to construct a list of services that it must load. Multiple instances of Svchost.exe can run at the same time. Each Svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services. Therefore, separate services can run, depending on how and where Svchost.exe is started.*

      First, I normally have 15+ instances of Svchost running at the same time (this is not an unusual number), and I also run TuneUp Utilities (paid version), so this application is not the issue. The issue is most likely the number of programs you have running in the background, that are considered essential by the system. Given how you use your system (and the setup), they may in fact, be essential.

      Second, you need to look at what applications you run at Startup and determine which ones are critical to your use, and which ones aren’t. Then, stop unneeded applications from starting, using Msconfig. Keep in mind however, that some applications may use many more “services” than others. P2P applications, and AV applications, are example of this.

      Third, if you’re running both TuneUp Utilities, and Advanced SystemCare at Startup, turn one off – there is no advantage, and you are risking a possible conflict.


  8. Hi Bill,

    I always like your posts as you personally test it and you write from your experience.
    I have use this software for almost a year and I really like it. Especially with this new release and it’s new feature, so far it works very well with my PC.
    There is once when i clean my registry with this software and one of my software cant work, cant remember which application.
    But with the backup registry it provided, i manage to undo it and things turn back to normal.
    After some time, i reclean my registry with this software, my computer works without problem.
    I not sure whether it’s the update from IOBIT that solves it or other thing I do, but the registry backup it provide is very handy and easy to use.

    I recommended it to all my friends when i help them to solve their PC problems.

    A good post as usual!

    Best regards!

    • Bill Mullins

      Thank you John for pointing out the value of a Registry backup if/when things go wrong – something not all users remember to do.



  9. azziz

    I found this iobir ASC application like 5 years ago and used the free along with glary utilities. Both of them together performed well on the pc. I remebre ASC helped me recovering my lost internet connection just like that easy-peasy. Not sure about the strength of the included antispyware but helpful.

    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks for that Azziz..

      Some time back a reader had a malware problem, and the only application that would remove it was ASC. Surprised me!


  10. Hi Bill,

    I don’t know about you but we haven’t seen the sun for ages. Been raining here for a week or more.

    Hope the sun’s shining for you.

    Have a good day Bill.

  11. John

    Hi Bill,

    Likewise surprise surprise I’m giving this programme a spin, my only question so far is that there seem to be a couple of things that have to be reactivated after each reboot, such as Turbo Boost and Smart Ram, but who knows as per usual it maybe just me.


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey John,

      Yeah, I’m surprised. lol

      I didn’t test Turbo Boost or Smart Ram since, in my view, these items are really just carry overs from Win 95 days. Actually, Turbo Boost is a very old concept from the bad old days of DOS.



  12. Don Naphen

    Hi Bill;
    Well, it’s been awhile since I made a comment or two, but couldn’t resist sending you some major kudos on this program! It’s wonderful and FREE. I still use a couple of utilities on a regular basis (cc cleaner & Shred 3), and of course, all find one or two that the other missed. Nice to have an “all in one” that actually performs each task so thoroughly. Thanks again !!

  13. Don Naphen

    Hi Bill;
    Well, since my last comment I will have to retract what I said, as I and a friend of mine who also installed it ran into some major problems. Actually, my friend had the Major problem: after running the “one click does all” button, it did the following: deleted the boot partition on his hd and also deleted the boot partition on his external hd !! Fortunately for both of us, we make regular backups using Acronis. In my friends case, he used his dvd backups which he does on occasion and that restored his internal hd. In my case I was a bit fortunate in that I was able to do a complete restore. My external hd had been renamed to the “C” drive however, and after a bit of a work-around, I was able to restore to my backup of March 4th.
    I then did a Google search (Advanced System Care Reviews) and came up with numerous threads giving both praise and horror stories relating to experiences quite similar to both my friend and me.
    Just thought you’d want to know Bill. Prior to my friend giving me a call, I had no indication of a problem until I dug into things. Oh well !!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Don,

      WoW – now that’s an intense experience.

      In all the years I’ve spent in this industry, I’ve not had direct knowledge of such a thing occurring with this type of application; where the application is at fault. I’ve heard of it of course, with other types of applications; particularly disk partitioning software – but caused by user error.

      I have tested 5,000 or more applications over the years, and have never encountered the problem you describe. In fact, I could count on one hand, the number of applications that have been problematic. In those cases, the issues were specific to the test machine.

      I took a look at some of the forum comments you mentioned, and I have to agree with the comments that point to inexperienced users being responsible for the problem. Comments on this application are overwhelmingly positive.

      I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention, but I stand by my review. It’s no accident that this application has been downloaded 34 Million times, just through CNET.