Download and Install Selected Software in One Pass with Free Ninite

image Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows 7 RC and the result is, systems running Windows 7 RC now shut down every two hours. Not a problem really, (or it shouldn’t be), since Beta testers were aware this was coming.

Since I had been running Win 7 RC on a test platform though, this revolving two hour shutdown was a bit of a pain – I won’t say where. This particular machine is never turned off; it’s always running an application, of one type or another. The last re-boot on this machine was 6+ months ago.

So Win 7 RC had to go and the solution, in this case, was to make a clean install of my old standby OS – XP Pro, which was both easy and fast. Having done that, then came crunch time – a long boring reinstall of all the applications I’m use to running on that machine. But, there’s always a solution to even the most annoying problems with technology. In this case the solution lay with a small free on line application – Ninite.

Ninite 1

I simply navigated to the Ninite site, chose the applications I wanted to install (CD Burner XP, IrfanView, Opera 10.5, WinAmp Lite), from a menu of applications, clicked “Get Installer”, and since Ninite installs the latest version of each application with default settings (no annoying browser toolbars), I was good to go.

Note: The graphic shown above, represents only a small portion of available application.

Ninite 2

The process is simple and highly intuitive as the following graphics illustrate.

Ninite 5

Ninite 3

You can see from this graphic that the executable downloaded properly into my download folder.

Ninite 6

Running the install application is a very familiar step – no learning process involved here!

Ninite 7

After the install application had finished, clicking on “show details” confirmed that the individual applications had installed correctly

Ninite 8

To give you an idea of the time savings involved here; from the time I clicked on to the Ninite site, chose the applications I needed, through to the completed individual application install process – less than 6 minutes had elapsed. To tell you the truth, I found the whole experience “jaw dropping”.

I’m generally not at a loss for words, but this experience left me absolutely dumfounded. What a fabulous application! As one geek was quoted as saying, “it’s so simple even Grandma can pull it off”. I’m in total agreement.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 (x64 support).

Go to: Ninite site

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9 responses to “Download and Install Selected Software in One Pass with Free Ninite

  1. Ramblinrick


    Again, nice find… Making a note on this one! Nothing more time consuming than doing a rebuild on a system.


  2. John


    I’m giving it a go, mind you I seem to be in some sort of download frenzy at the moment………help me. 🙂

    As always very helpful apps.


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey John,

      A terrific application – saved me a bundle of time. Keep on downloading. LOL


  3. These Ninite guys are great, I heard them on a podcast a few weeks ago. The pro version is a bit pricey, but the free app is fine for end users.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Mark,

      I have to admit – I was blown away with the speed and how seamless this app was. I’m not finished with that test machine yet, but I’m almost looking forward to the job because of Ninite, Now, that’s saying something.



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  5. Super.
    I don”t know this program…
    Thanks Bill.
    Good day.