Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – February 27, 2010

Twitter Phishing Scam: Blame Browsers and Users – Is your browser doing its job identifying malware? And are you?

Security and the City – ComodoTV’s clever parody of Sex and the City, with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda discussing what women really want and how to get it.

Download Over 5000 National Geographic Wallpapers with One Click – NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader is a FREE and PORTABLE app that will automatically download (in a batch) images that have been featured in the magazine and on the website of National Geographic.

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Master Multiple Firefox Profiles for More Productive Browsing – One of the most powerful features in Firefox is also one too few people know about: the ability to create and use more than one profile at the same time. Here’s how to streamline and reap the benefits of multiple browsing profiles.

Windows 7 memory usage: What’s the best way to measure? – Windows memory management is rocket science. And don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Work Smart: Stop Multitasking and Start Doing One Thing Really Well – A human’s ability to do several things at once is a wonder of biology: it means we can eat a burrito while we walk down the street and listen to music and daydream about the weekend all at the same time. But some kinds of multitasking costs you more time than you save.

Slashdot Adds Ads to its RSS – Imagine our surprise today when, while checking out Slashdot’s RSS feeds (or, as those in the biz like to call it, /. ) we noted a full-colour advertisement exhorting us to check our credit score, and another for Tek Systems. (submitted by Dar).

How to Buy a Bluetooth Headset – Isn’t it time you went hands-free with a Bluetooth headset? Here’s what you need to look for when choosing the perfect companion for your mobile phone.

Off Topic:

The Wonder Drug Myth – Many of the stories we expect from drugs are partly fictions, hiding in a gauze of ambiguous results, placebo effects, and messy side effects. (submitted by Dar).

Four ways the recent recession made consumers savvier – By all accounts, the economic crisis of 2008-2009 sent consumers scurrying for cover, victims of falling home values, tight credit, and generally fearful conditions. Right?

Alice In Wonderland Madness! – OK!!!! So, after having it brought to my attention how many sites have stolen my photo of Lake’s Alice In Wonderland tattoo, I decided it was time for me to post something on my own blog about it! (submitted by Dar).

Hawks in the city: Webcam tracks an urban bird family – Why all the commotion? The birds’ time in the City of Brotherly Love was not without drama. One young bird, apparently not yet ready to fly, flew out of the nest and was unable to return. As the city watched, the bird was rescued and rehabilitated.

Today’s Quote:

“Class” is not determined by how we treat our friends, and those in power … it is determined by how we treat the people who have no consequence in our lives”.

–     Anonymous

Today’s Free Downloads:

USB Drive Guard – USB Drive Guard is an application that runs silently on any Windows PC and, when someone inserts any type of storage device, it will check its unique serial number against a network database to see if it has been authorized.

Tizer Rootkit Razor – Tizer Rootkit Razor is a powerful tool that will allow you to remove malicious objects from your computer.

MSD Organizer Portable Freeware – MSD Organizer Portable is a personal and professional information manager to be installed in pen drives, with the following modules: calendar, contacts, alarms, tasks, cards, diary, property, budget, health and music.

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