Glarysoft Valentine’s Day Giveaway – 500 Licenses Each Day From Feb 12 to Feb 14

Welcome to the Glarysoft Valentine’s Day Giveaway, which will provide you with an a powerful and top all-in-one utility to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

They are giving away 500 licenses each day from Feb 12 to Feb 14 2010 to celebrate Valentines’s Day.

First come, first served, so you have to hurry!


Go to: Glary Soft Holiday Offer

A big “thank you” to Steve.

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37 responses to “Glarysoft Valentine’s Day Giveaway – 500 Licenses Each Day From Feb 12 to Feb 14

  1. John

    Hi Bill,

    Another great offer there. I’ve downloaded it and followed all instructions, but no product key as yet?


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey John,

      I was tipped off on this by a reader actually. I got my key immediately, so this shouldn’t be a problem. I just checked and they have 450+ licenses left.



  2. John

    Hi Bill,

    Yes I spoke too soon, it has finally arrived, so all is well, but it did take over an hour to arrive which I thought was a bit unusual. Anyway thanks again. 🙂 Life is good!


  3. Liam O' Moulain

    Thanks Bill.

    Just downloaded this and got my license.


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  5. Murphy

    A very BIG …. THANK YOU .
    Best regards !

  6. sbek

    Ciesze sie ze mam was:)

    Translation: I am so happy to have you

  7. Sebastian

    Luie was:) dziki za klucz

    Translation: Luie was wild as the key (Google Translate sucks at translating).

  8. PasjonatLeonaWachholza

    Bill…Thank you very much for info about Glary Utilities PRO.
    Version Giveaway of the Day is crush…by trojan-multum trojan today.Send tomorrow for you e-mail and more information & screnshots results scan by A-Squared Anti-Malware by this infection-ok?
    Unbelievable day-A-Squared Anti-Malware scan results-59 infection!
    And care on safety…

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Robert,

      Thanks for the heads-up on Giveaway of the Day. I’ve stopped referring readers to them.



  9. leofelix

    Thank you Bill
    all the best

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  11. Bill,

    Just got my license key… As a thank you “to you”, I posted an article on my blog about this giveaway that is available here at Tech Thoughts… Glary Utilities is great software.


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Rick,

      Very good. It’s almost Valentines Day, so I had to ‘give’ ya something. lol

      Thanks for the post. Much appreciated.

      Talk to ya later,


  12. HarleyBBorn

    THANKS Bill!!! Been using the free version for a while now. Got my key and now switched over to the pro version. A Great little program for doing some house keeping!

    THANKS Again!!!!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Todd,

      Great! Glad you got a license. Last time I checked, they were all gone – at least until tomorrow.

      Gotta admit – I love “free”.



  13. A S P

    Great opportunity for me to upgrade from free version. I’d love to receive Glary Pro. Pro will make a great utility complete.


  14. Ranjan

    Its very nice of them that they’re giving away such a huge amount of licenses to everyone.. And that even at such a low effort.. I mean, just enter your email and hit the button and look at that, the serial is in your mailbox..
    Yes.. Like you, i also don’t trust GOTD.
    The very first time i dloaded something from there was infected with a trojan..
    They could also have just provided the visitors with a license key or the license key with the setup file and not with the modified and perhaps, infected setup..
    I know that they do this for the working of the 24hour activation but they could have also done that without infecting it..
    So, i neglect their offers…

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Ranjan,

      I agree with you on GOTD – they suck.


      • John

        Hi Bill,
        I’m confused again, are you saying that you don’t trust GOTD. I thought from time to time I have seen it here with links to the freebies?


  15. Bill

    “The 500 licenses was sent out already” (sic). Does time zone dictate who gets there first? Maybe Aussies got them all.

    I tried Glary Utilities a long time ago and it screwed up my PC at the time, so I haven’t touched it since. Worth giving it another try, but I’m out of luck today.

    Dave K

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Dave,

      The time zone does matter, but I haven’t figured out just where the server is. Already today, all the licenses are gone.

      The real problem though is the huge number of other sites that linkback to the offer.


  16. A S P

    Let’s try again. It is now 12 hours after my last post. Yes Bill, I would be grateful for an upgrade from Glary Free to Glary Pro.

  17. John

    Yes I have tried again this morning as I did last night and it appears all licences are gone. Perhaps they only meant 500 in total.

    My wife was accepted to receive the free key but it never arrived in her email.


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey John,

      You* have* seen referrals to GOTD here. However, not in the last few days.

      While I have no *direct* knowledge that any of their free offers have questionable files attached, I have heard a number of unsettling complaints. In the circumstances, (whether the complaints are valid, or not), I’m not prepared to continue with referrals.

      Please understand, I have no direct control over the free offer from GlarySoft. I have simply directed readers to the offer. If you’re wife has been approved by Glary, I can only assume she will receive her license.



  18. Ahmed Helmi

    Hi Bill How do i get the license? and thank you for these great Give Away Contests.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Ahmed,

      This is a license giveaway directly from GlarySoft. I play no part in it whatsoever. I have simply notified readers of this giveaway, and provided a link to the GlarySoft page.


  19. A S P

    GlarySoft Pro is a great idea. Let’s try again!!!

  20. kingpin

    I think is giving away a lot their pro on my web-sites apart from their valentine offer.The good news is that these may be life-time licenses!

  21. I think it was 500 licenses in total over all 3 days of the offer. I never saw anything other than the message that the 500 licenses “was” sent out already.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Dave,

      No, the site is very clear on this: “We are giving away 500 licenses *each > day* from Feb 12 to Feb 14 2010 to celebrate the Valentines’s Day”. >

      I heard about this offer immediately it went up, and within hours, 91 of my readers were able to get a license. In the meantime, literally hundreds of other sites, picked up on this offer and linked back to GlarySoft. Given the small number of licenses offered, and the number of sites now linking to the offer, it’s little wonder the licenses are gone so quickly.