Valentine’s Day Spam – Get Ready for the Blitz!


In real life, love can sometimes leave you with a broken heart. But in Internet life (not that it’s not “real”), love can leave you with a broken heart, a broken wallet, and much more likely, now that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, a broken/infected computer.

With just a week to go before this annual romantic holiday which celebrates friendship, love, and marriage, it’s time, once again, to be on the lookout for Valentine’s Day spam.

“Love” spam historically rises 700% or more, as we approach Valentine’s Day, and this year, I’ve noticed a definite increase in the “Russian Bride’” spam scam. I had to laugh, when I read one pundit referring to this type of invitation as, “male insecurity spam”.


It’s estimated that this year, 8 per cent of “romantic” emails, or one in every 12 emails, is likely to contain malware. So, stay alert when dealing with emails that claim to be Valentine’s greeting cards, romantic videos, etc. Make sure you have an effective security solution installed, capable of detecting both known and new malware strains.

If you’re unsure if your existing AV solutions are up to the task, take a look at Tech Thoughts Top 8 Free Antimalware Applications.

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5 responses to “Valentine’s Day Spam – Get Ready for the Blitz!

  1. Ranjan

    Not old enough to have a valentine.. So if any mail arrives regarding this, its surely going out of the box as if it were not a valentine day but a spammertine day… 😛

  2. Hi Bill,

    This is expected news for me but this year I notice cyber criminal trying to use big name as their email id. I got mail from,, and so. I don’t know how an average internet user will react on it.


  3. Just two flower related scams, but, lately been getting a ton of education ones.

    The culinary arts appear to be the biggest one for me, which I think is a follow behind the facebook application.

    fortunately, i can cook so not exposed. 🙂