Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 20, 2009

12 Sly Web Tricks That Put You in Control Turn a Wi-Fi thief’s world upside down. Send an e-mail that self-destructs. And ensure that your boss thinks you’re always hard at work. These tweaks and tools let you gain the upper hand.

LogMeIn Express offers simple screen-sharing solution – LogMeIn has been around for quite awhile now as a very useful free remote access tool for casual users, as well as a commercial remote access tool for corporations. They’ve now taken the obvious step of putting their technology to use in the form of a screen sharing application called LogMeIn Express.

Lifehacker: Twitter Gets Hijacked, and Now’s a Good Time to Change Your Passwords Although the redirect doesn’t appear to have done anything malicious beyond that – and a DNS hijack doesn’t mean the hackers would have access to Twitter’s database – the hackers could just as easily have set up a fake login page and harvested plenty of passwords phishing-style if they had wanted to.

Manage All Your Media in Windows 7 – From online streaming to all-new library controls, here’s how to get more out of Windows 7’s new multimedia features.

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10 ways to detect computer malware – In the ongoing war against malware threats, you need tools that will baseline your system, detect vulnerabilities, and remove existing malware. Cybercriminals are putting forth every effort to make malware difficult to detect. Successfully, I might add. Ever optimistic, I thought I would have a go at providing information on how to make their job a little tougher.

Why can’t we get Hulu in Canada? – Not available in Canada: a list of the products we want but can’t get.

Ubuntu 10.04 will bring panel overhaul, social network menu – Canonical has revealed plans to bring social networking integration GNOME panel improvements in the next major version of Ubuntu. Notification area icons will be replaced by a new application indicator system. The panel will also feature a new Me Menu for setting messaging status.

Paris court convicts Google in copyright infringement case over online publication of books – A Paris court ruled Friday that Google Inc. is breaking French law with its policy of digitizing books, handing the U.S. Internet giant a $14,300 – a-day fine until it rids its database of the literary extracts.

Privacy Groups Call Facebook’s Changes Illegal – Facebook’s site-wide privacy changes draw ire from privacy watchdogs who are calling for a federal investigation. A coalition of 10 privacy and consumer advocacy groups is calling on federal regulators to take action against Facebook and force the leading social network to restore some of the privacy controls that were recently changed in a massive site-wide overhaul.

Battle of the Game Consoles – PS3, Xbox, or Wii–how to choose? We’ll help you figure out which one is your best bet for fun. And if it’s an on-the-go gaming experience you’re after, we’ve got portable gaming device advice too.

Off Topic:

Passion is the key to success and popularity of websites on the Internet – When it comes to the Internet, popularity is something that can come naturally or can be achieved through strategic planning and hard work. It can and often does also happen by total fluke.

25 Unlikely Animal Friendships (Pics) – Who ever said that different animals can’t get along?

Why no one invades Switzerland – During WW II a Japanese admiral was once asked about invading the US. He said the Japanese equivalent of saying: “‘No way! There’d be a sniper behind every blade of grass.” Then there’s Switzerland… (Submitted by Dar)

What the US Media Shield Bill Means for Bloggers and Citizen – The media shield bill making its way through the US Senate could have profound implications for bloggers and citizen journalists by legally defining journalism.

World’s Largest Photo is 26,031,250,000 Pixels – It took 172 minutes on a rooftop to shoot 1655 overlapping 21.6 megapixel images and 94 hours to stitch them together. The result is not only a gorgeous 26 gigapixel view of Dresden, Germany, but also the world’s biggest photo.

In Communist China, no personal Website for you! – In a drastic move to tighten regulations of the Internet, individuals can no longer register domain names in China, and those who already have personal websites could lose them.

Today’s Quote:

“I’m seventeen and I’m crazy. My uncle says the two always go together. When people ask your age, he said, always say seventeen and insane”.

–     Ray Bradbury

Today’s Free Downloads:

Complete Data Wipe – Complete Data Wipe is an advanced security software with full capabilities to erase entire hard disk drive partition, folders, subfolders and files you select, unused disk space and also records of your offline and online activities including history folders, cookies, Internet files temp folders, URL list. In addition, it removes passwords from computer drives and ensures secured computer privacy.

Mediaraptor Free Captures and Converts Music – Mediaraptor Free finds music videos and songs from social media websites. It can then record and convert the music video, or snag the MP3, depending on what it’s found. It then converts them into the more portable WMV and MP3 formats, respectively. Mediaraptor Free can snag tracks from several social media sources, including MySpace. Also, if MySpace Video, YouTube or a number of other sites have a music video, Mediaraptor can grab that, too.

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