Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 16, 2009

10 cool things you can do with TweakUI – The handy TweakUI PowerToy can help you overcome a variety of Windows XP annoyances and limitations and lets you create an environment that suits your working style.

Tips for Searching Google Maps – The Google Maps team has put together 31 tips for better using the popular mapping software. Here is a look at these useful (and some little-known) hints to navigating with the popular mapping software.

Lifehacker: Most Popular Free Mac Downloads of 2009 – Nothing beats finding just the right application to fill a common need, fix a problem, or boost your productivity. Give yourself an early present this holiday season with 15 of the most popular Mac downloads of 2009.

Facebook and Google: Contrasts in Privacy – Facebook and Google have both been faced with privacy concerns, and the responses have been polar opposite from the two entities.

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Zero-Day Malware Drops Payloads Signed with a Forged Microsoft Certificate – Security Websites are buzzing with news that a new zero-day exploit against Adobe Reader and Acrobat is circulating today, causing computers to become infected with malware simply by visiting certain Web pages. While the exploit itself is worthy of note, nobody is talking about the payload it downloads: It installs a trio of files dressed up to look like Windows system files which have been digitally signed with a security certificate supposedly issued by Microsoft.

Use Word to type on a printed form without a typewriter – What do you do when someone hands you an application to fill out or when you need to fill out a printed tax form? If you don’t have a typewriter, you probably fill in the form manually, hoping that the recipient can read your handwriting. Fortunately, you can use Word to “type it in” instead. Follow these steps:

Hackers Brew Self-Destruct Code to Counter Police Forensics – Hackers have released an application designed to thwart a Microsoft-packaged forensic toolkit used by law enforcement agencies to examine a suspect’s hard drive during a raid.

Adobe confirms PDF zero-day attacks. Disable JavaScript now – Malicious hackers are exploiting a zero-day (unpatched) vulnerability in Adobe’s ever-present PDF Reader/Acrobat software to hijack data from compromised computers. According to an advisory from Adobe, the critical vulnerability exists in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.2 and earlier versions. It is being exploited in the wild.

Off Topic:

GM Offering In-Vehicle Hotspot on Select Models – Got a carpool of people who would rather get work done on spreadsheets than talk? Good news for those 1 to 4 passengers with you because GM will officially offer in-vehicle Wi-Fi on select Chevrolet vehicles.

For Your Convenience: “Man”-ly Movies Flow Chart – By our count, there have been at least eight different “Man”-ly movies this year, and at least one more high profile one coming in 2010. How can anyone be expected to tell any of the “men” apart, especially when so many of them wear the glossy sheen of Oscar bait? They can’t, which is why we threw together this diagram to clear up any confusion and help you pick the right “Man” to suit your movie needs. (Submitted by Dar)

Computer Enhancers – Dozens of improvements to, totally meaningless, or humorous (intentional and otherwise), computer messages. (Submitted by Dar)

Ameriquest’s 5 ‘Don’t judge quickly’ Commercials – Hillarious and Cute YouTube videos. (Submitted by Dar)

Today’s Quote:

“One of the intentions of corporate-controlled media is to instill in people a sense of disempowerment, of immobilization and paralysis. Its outcome is to turn you into good consumers. It is to keep people isolated, to feel that there is no possibility for social change.”

–     David Barsamian

Today’s Free Downloads:

Memory Fox 1.04 – Memory Fox keeps an eye on your browser’s memory usage and notices when Firefox starts edging toward user-preset resource limits. When it does, the extension springs into action, automatically flushing your memory to recover space and keep your browser from slowing down.

We Wish You a Mellow Christmas – Feeling stressed during the holiday season? Worn out from all that shopping and gift-wrapping? Take a few minutes to play one of these Christmassy games, or relax with a soothing screensaver. We’ve also got a free Christmas countdown clock, just in case you need reminding.

EASEUS Todo Backup – Although Easeus Todo Backup isn’t the best imaging/backup program out there, it has by far the best price–free. Easeus Todo Backup won’t schedule, overwrite previous jobs, or do incremental backups. But for anyone willing to back up and cull backups manually, this program has a lot to recommend it.

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  1. Mal

    Ah, Adobe. I won’t repeat my comments on this, I have posted them before. The only thing I will add is, if anyone has Adobe on their system, they will only have heartache.