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image I’m going more than a little off topic this morning, to talk about Scrapbooking. Not because Scrapbooking is one of my interests – it doesn’t exactly go hand in glove with the practice of Internet security. But hey, there are days when I get a little tired of being the “Bad News Bear”, and as we all know, “a change is as good as a rest”.

I keep watch on the free applications offered by SerifSoftware, a company that often offers older versions of their applications (still very functional, even if slightly out of date), and I noticed that the company is now offering a free scrapbooking application – Digital Scrapbook Artist.

Since I’m familiar (in a limited way), with a Scrapbook site Audrey Pettit’s Weblog (A Peek Into My Scrappy World), I decided to take a look at Digital Scrapbook Artist, and scrapbooking. It turns out this is a hobby that is widely practiced, and one that has millions of fans. Who knew?

Some surprising statistics from Wikipedia:

Over 25 million people in the United States alone, consider themselves to be scrapbookers.

Almost 30% of all U.S. households have at least one family member who scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking is the fastest growing sector of the craft and hobby industry, and now considered to be the third most popular craft in the nation. From 2002 to 2004, sales of scrapbooking products increased by over 27% across the United States.

As of 2003, there were over 4,000 independent scrapbook stores in the United States. Most major craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels Crafts, also have extensive selections of scrapbooking supplies.

I’m not a scrapbooker, so there would be no point in me testing this application – so I’ll leave it to SerifSoft to convince you that this application is worth taking a look at. How far wrong can you go with FREE?

From SerifSoft:

Digital Scrapbook Artist Compact is a completely free download and will help you to quickly and easily transform your photos and memories into wonderfully personal artwork that you will cherish forever.


  • Not a trial version! 100% free, fully functional software.
  • Incredibly easy to use, fun and fast.
  • Suitable for everyone, regardless of experience.
  • Choose any page size, including card templates.
  • Share with family and friends quickly and easily.

Download now, and you’ll soon be able to create scrapbooks, beautiful digital albums, invitations and greetings cards without having to spend a penny on materials or wasting any time.


We’ve included a mini digikit to get you started, and there’s a selection of free themed kits for you to download at!

What The Press Say…

“Finally, a software program for digital scrapbooking is available that is exactly what I was looking for. You will love how easy it is to get scrapbooking”

Rebecca Ludens, (5/5)

“If you love to scrapbook, this is perfect software to get! Why keep those photos locked up on your computer, when you can bring them to life with Digital Scrapbook Artist.”

Tanya Gordon, Mommy Goggles

“This brilliant software offers endless potential for creating fantastic layouts – A must-have crafting resource!”

Kate Hemmings, Crafts Beautiful Online Editor

Download at: SerifSoft

System requirements: Any Windows PC

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7 responses to “Free Digital Scrapbook Artist – A Crafty Application

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  2. Well this is a good news for scrapbooker. Though I am not mad enough to waste my time that way but I think some of my friends will love it.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Arafat,

      I agree – this is a cool app for scrapbookers. Like you though, I don’t have any interest in this.


  3. N

    AntiVir throws a virus warning for a dialer!!!

    • Bill Mullins


      Any malware warning needs to be confirmed by more than one anti-malware solution in order to be sure you are dealing with actual malware, and not a false positive. In this particular case, you are dealing with a false positive, and you should notify Avira accordingly @ Avira Analysis. Because the malware warning indicated a “dialer”, I would have immediately been suspicious of a false positive.

      All recommended downloads on this site are checked by a minimum of 5 anti-malware tools, (SuperAntispyware, Microsoft Security Essentials, MalwareBytes, IOBit, and AdAware), as was this download, and then checked again after your comment – with additional runs with Spybot Search and Destroy, and Spyware Terminator. Not one of them indicated a problem.

      Serif Software is a well established company, with a long standing reputation for superior products, and it would be counter productive for them to infect their products with malware. Just doesn’t make any sense.

      As a matter of interest, in the 200,000+ downloads through my site, yours is the first comment that indicated a malware infection.


  4. N

    Thanks Bill,

    I have used many of the applications you’ve recommended with no problems.

    I followed up on this too and it is a false positive.
    No intentions to harm anyone’s reputation.

    Thanks for the personal vote of confidence though. Keep up the good work.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey N,

      Your comment was particularly important, especially for less experienced users, since it dealt with a number of issues.

      False positives – which are more common than many users realize.

      Gave me the opportunity to discuss the importance of cross checking all downloads with more than one AV solution. Something many users forget to do.

      Pointed out the need to think carefully about the sites (and the software), that a user chooses to download. As I have pointed out here, many times, all sites are not equal.

      Despite the fact that this turned out to be a false positive, the fact that you scanned the download is evidence that you are a cautious and aware user. There is a major lesson here for those users who trust that downloads are free of potentially harmful code. They could learn from your experience.