Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 29, 2009

24 Great Open Source Apps for Admins & Technicians I’m always on the lookout for apps that can ease my workload or free up some room in my budget, and open source applications are an excellent way for me to accomplish both.

Top 10 Cross-Platform Apps that Run on Windows, OS X, Linux, and More – Whether your important data lives in the cloud, on your laptop, or on a different operating system, you shouldn’t have to use sub-par tools to get at it. These downloads work with every major operating system, along with some not-so-major (mobile) ones.

CNET cheapskate: Gameloft’s iPhone games on sale for 99 cents – To celebrate Thanksgiving weekend, the prolific game developer is offering titles like Blades of Fury, NFL 2010, Real Tennis 2009, and Shrek Kart for just a buck apiece.

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Mozilla issues near-final Thunderbird 3 – Mozilla Messaging has released the first release candidate of a Thunderbird 3, software it hopes will significantly improve how people read, write, catalog, and search their e-mail.

At its best, is open source unbeatable? – When an open-source project is working optimally, can proprietary-software companies hope to compete?

77 Percent Of Facebook Fan Pages Have Under 1,000 Fans – In this age of instant Internet celebrity, anyone can become famous for 15 seconds (to rework Andy Warhol’s oft-quoted maxim). But what does famous mean exactly when anyone can have a Facebook fan page – those public pages on Facebook set up by brands, media outlets, celebs, and wanna-be celebs.

New Banking Trojan: A Nasty And Formidable Foe – Malware is getting more and more sophisticated. Bent on destruction, it is seemingly immune to modern weapons. One such Trojan horse program is very sophisticated and it keeps reinventing itself in its greedy quest to empty bank accounts.

Seven alternatives to fend off P2P withdrawal – You should be well aware by now that you can’t stop piracy, you can only displace traffic from one site or service to another. Napster shuts down; Kazaa springs up. Suprnova shuts down; Mininova emerges from the ashes. With each and every iteration of P2P the pirates grow stronger and the distribution channels more efficient and secure.

The Year Of The Mega Data Breach – In 2009, a small number of data leaks exposed more personal information than ever before. Glance at 2009’s data breach statistics, and you might think the IT world had scored a rare win in the endless struggle against cybercrime.

Off Topic:

Humor: Geek Squad’s Real Agenda Exposed – In this exclusive, never-before-seen training footage from The Geek Squad, the horrible truth of their agenda is finally revealed.

How a HS Dropout Became the Youngest Boss at Apple – James Bach, a legend in the software-testing field, just published Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, the tale of how he dropped out of school, became a self-taught games programmer, and scored a sweet gig at Apple – all before turning 21.

This holiday, who’s looking out for online shoppers? – Web shoppers are in need of a digital-age Ralph Nader, the kind of firebrand consumer advocate who can focus public scorn on unscrupulous merchants. Last week, the U.S. Senate Commerce committee revealed that some of the Web’s best-known retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Hotwire, Yahoo, Pizza Hut, Travelocity, Fandango, and Victoria’s Secret, were part of a dubious marketing operation designed to mislead their own customers.

Today’s Quote:

“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions”.

G. K. Chesterton

Today’s Free Downloads:

Speak Clipboard: Reads Your Clipboard’s Content Out Loud – Professional writers often read their work out loud to make sure it flows well and sounds coherent. If you want to kick back and have the reading done for you, then give Speak Clipboard a try.

Foxit Reader – To put it gently, Adobe Reader is a real pain in the hindquarters. It’s monstrously large, slow to load, and includes many features most users will hardly ever need. Foxit PDF Reader 3.0 kills the bloat and throws in some useful features, such as multimedia support and content-sharing options, while still allowing you to quickly access your PDFs.

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