Halo 3 ODST – The Halo Saga Continues

Super gamer and guest writer, Dominic Acito, reviews the latest Halo adventure and rates it a winner.

Master Chief wakes up, alone in a hostile New Mombasa. Enemies scour the city streets and lurk around corners hiding in darkness, while your allies are completely missing. In the opening mission of Halo 3 ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers), you are vulnerable and unarmed.

This is something completely new from the Bungie team. These non confrontational and moody scenes take you into the adrenaline charged battles the franchise is well known for, however the feeling of isolation never quite leaves.

ODST is a great entry in the HALO franchise, not just because it stays true to form with past successful games, they also introduce a handful of new concepts that add an interesting spin on the tried and true formula.


The most exciting new feature is Firefight mode, a cooperative battle against a relentless swarm of covenant foot soldiers. This feature is amazing when you love playing gang-up on the aliens.

ODST takes place sometime before Halo 3, in this game you do not get to play as Master Chief. Instead, you assume the role of a drop shock soldier named “The Rookie” – your assignment is to retrieve important data from the bowels of New Mombasa before the covenant can get to it.


In typical Bungie fashion, things do not go as planned. You wake up from a crash landing several hours after your team has hit the ground. As you stumble through this hostile environment, you will come across equipment left behind by your fellow soldiers. If you pick up one of these items, you will be transported into the past to play through the events that took place while you were MIA.

Your time spent as “The Rookie” is very different from previous games in this franchise. You are alone and it’s very quiet, with the exception of the dramatic musical score. There is a lot of darkness and almost an overdependence on night vision goggles, just to see where you are going.

Most of this game plays from the memories of your allies. The campaign can be played with up to three of your friends. The massive weaponry and fantastic vehicles also make their way back into this game, and they are dispersed in just the right amount of increments so that you will always have something new to pick up and rampage with, just before you run out of ammo from the last weapon.


There is a new twist in this game. Your capabilities are greatly reduced, leaving the action closer to Halo: CE. You can’t run as fast or jump quite as high, you cannot dual-wield, and you will die if you fall from up high. The health system has returned from CE. When you are receiving damage, your shield will first fade, when that is completely drained, your health will fade next.

Recharging the shield is as easy as standing out of the line of fire. Health though, must be restored via Medical packs.

The silenced sub machinegun makes its appearance as a new weapon, although being quiet is hardly ever necessary. There is also some interesting joy riding opportunities in the vehicles, leading to some interesting and exciting combat scenarios.

Overall, this was a fun game and I would recommend it to any previous Halo fans.

Platform: Xbox 360

Official site: Bungie

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