Find That Deleted File Easily with Pandora Recovery

frustrated 2 We’ve all done it; accidentally deleted an important file. That document you’ve been working on for weeks is no longer in your document folder. Yikes!

The music collection you’ve spent years putting together, or that family photo album you’ve worked on for weeks – gone.

Back in the DOS days, we would just use the command Undelete, or one of its variations, but today the solution is so much simpler.

The easy solution to this problem that most of us can use, most of the time, is to simply restore the file from the Windows Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin can be a life saver when a file has been accidentally deleted.

Normally, the deleted file sits in the Bin until you empty it, or restore the file. But what if the file has been permanently removed from the Bin, to make room for more recently deleted files for example, when the maximum size allocated in Recycle Bin properties has been exceeded?

All is not lost and here’s why: when a file is deleted from your Hard Drive, or portable media, what really gets deleted is the system link pointing towards the file, but not the file itself.

Surprisingly, it can often be relatively easy to retrieve the deleted file, or a good portion of the file, using specialized file recovery software, which takes advantage of this reality.


To enhance the possibility of recovering the deleted file, rapid action is a prime requirement. File recovery software has limitations, so once you have realized you have deleted that important file; do not write any more files to the drive until you can run the recovery program.

Pandora Recovery is a free recovery application, with a wizard driven interface, that makes file recovery just about as simple as it gets. In fact, Pandora Recovery is the file recovery application that I have come to rely on.

Those users who are unfamiliar with this type of application, will find the well written and instructive help file, particularly useful. As an added bonus, quick help links, make it easy for new, or casual computer users, to easily complete a task that can often be frustrating.

I’ve had good success with this small application recovering deleted files, and I recommend that all users’ consider adding Pandora Recovery to their toolbox. A good indication of the value of this small application is the 4 Star rating which this program has earned in CNET’s  user comments.

Fast facts:

Search Deleted Files

– Recovery of files whose MFT record has been reused by OS,

– Recovery of files from reformatted media,

– Recovery of files from discs with damaged or missing file allocation table.

Recover Archived, Hidden, Encrypted, Compressed files

Browse Deleted Files

Recover Alternate Data Streams (ADS)

Recover Images, Documents, Movies, or any other type of file

System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000, Windows 7

Download at:

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2 responses to “Find That Deleted File Easily with Pandora Recovery

  1. This is a very helpful post, especially as I’m sure many people are worried about losing their files when wiping their hard drive to perform a clean install of Windows 7. However, I notice Windows 7 isn’t listed as one of the system requirements. Do you have any suggestions for helpful file recovery tips for those already using 7?

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey TuneUp,

      Ya caught me! Actually, I use Pandora mainly on an XP Pro system, on which I’m constantly adding and deleting files. I did test it on my Win 7 system however, and it works perfectly. I neglected to include this OS under system requirements. Thanks for bringing this to my attention with your question.