Upgrading to Windows 7? – Make Sure You Have the Horsepower!

image I have to admit I love Windows 7, and I’m not going to complain about this, or that, perceived shortcoming. What’s not to like?

I can’t believe some of the nonsense complaints I’ve read in the last few months, written, I’m convinced, by writers who get paid by the word! Actually, I find the “glass half empty” approach of this type of tech writer, more amusing, than frustrating.

After reading one of these “tech ex-spurts” I generally console myself with the thought – “man, I’m so glad you’re not my neighbor”, since negativity, just like the swine flu, is contagious.

Frankly, I have not tested an operating system in the years that I have been computing, which incidentally goes all the way back to DOS 1, where the advantages of the system were so readily apparent.

If, or when, you consider making the move to Windows 7, it’s important that you ensure your current system meets the hardware requirements imposed by Win 7. If you are currently running on Windows Vista, it’s almost a given that you can run on Windows 7, but ……

To help you determine your system compatibility, Microsoft has released a Beta version of a neat little tool to help you establish if your computer can handle the requirements of Windows 7.

According to Microsoft, “Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC’s system, programs and devices to check if it’s able to run Windows 7. After a few minutes, the report will let you know if your PC meets the system requirements, if there are any known compatibility issues with your programs and devices, and will also provide guidance on your upgrade options to Windows 7”.

The following graphics illustrate just how easy this compatibility test is.




Note: The advisor recommends that you connect ALL your devices before running the test.

System Requirements: Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2, NET 2.0 Framework or higher, if running on Windows XP

Download at: Microsoft

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4 responses to “Upgrading to Windows 7? – Make Sure You Have the Horsepower!

  1. JC

    Yes Bill, I agree with you concerning so-called ‘experts’. The definition of expert of course is – Ex, as in the past. Spurt, is a drip under pressure!

    Need I say more?


  2. Nice post, have you been following the nonsense about doing a clean install with upgrade media?
    I upgraded my desktop which was running Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
    The Windows 7 Professional 64 bit upgrade I bought during the half off sale worked without issue. I booted from the install disk, selected Custom Install, and selected my C drive. I did a format and install and was able to activate it with no problem.
    “Experts” nice!
    Keep on pushing!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Mark,

      Yeah, I hear MS is a little peeved with some of the advice out there re: a clean install with upgrade media. Surprisingly, guys like Ed Bott have been pushing this. MS has categorically stated that this is illegal. Oh well!

      I’d really like to hear about your experience with Win 7 Pro x64, after you’ve spent some time with it. Maybe an article?

      Have a great weekend.