Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 30, 2009

Internet TV goes live on Windows 7 Media Center – Microsoft has flipped the switch on some partner deals that turned its ho-hum Internet TV feature into something worth watching.

12 Must-Know Windows 7 Shortcuts – Supercharge your use of Microsoft’s latest OS with these handy mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Lifehacker: Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Out Now – The final version of Ubuntu 9.10 has hit Ubuntu’s servers a little bit ahead of its front page. Grab a torrent or ISO of the free Linux operating system while the servers aren’t slammed.

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Nearly 6 Million Infected Web Pages Across 640K Compromised Sites – Startup founded by ex-Google engineers tallies major jump in Website compromises and breadth of the infections.

The Dirty Dozen Spam Relaying Countries and How Zombie Armies Help Them – Is that computer sitting on your desk secretly a zombie? If so, it could be contributing to the millions of spam messages being pumped out of your country every day.

Internet Phone Systems Become The Fraudster’s Tool – Cybercriminals have hacked into dozens of business telephone systems across the U.S., using them to trick customers into divulging their bank account numbers and passwords.

Free Web Resources for Small BusinessService Magic, Ask500 Independent People, PDFtoWord, and TheFreeLibrary: free Web sites that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Facebook users targeted by Zeus banking Trojan – Users of the popular social network are being tricked into revealing their passwords and downloading a Trojan that steals financial data.

Off Topic:

101 FREE Tools to Design Your Own Degree – These open courses are free for everyone, and while they might not replace the courses you have to take, they might get you one step closer to your final diploma. We’ve also included free networking sites and financial aid resources that can help you make the connections and the financial decisions you need to reach your academic goals.

U.S. Air Force using airborne lasers as wireless data linksAir Force jets and drones could soon send high-quality video and audio of the battlefield wirelessly using high-bandwidth lasers.

Are powerful psychoactive drugs worth the side effects?Troubled teens on powerful drugs. Has your teen’s best friend just transformed from Taylor Swift to Rosie O’Donnell overnight?

Alien apocalypse vs. zombie apocalypse: Which could you survive? – Geekend contributor Nicole Bremer Nash ponders whether an alien apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse is more likely and whether humans are prepared for either.

The Alpha Course, a Christian Website, has created an instant Internet poll asking if God exists – So far, 96 percent of respondents clicked on “NO.”

Today’s Quote:

“An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.”

–     Simon Cameron

Today’s Free Downloads:

OpenOffice – OpenOffice is the best, cheapest alternative to Microsoft Office for PC users.

Halloween Adventure Screensaver – This freebie presents five beautifully animated scenes–a haunted castle, a spooky forest, a moody Halloween sky, a giant spiderweb, and more–all carefully rendered. The colors are rich and the animations are smooth. In the background, witches cackle, chains rattle, owls hoot, wolves howl, and ghosts moan. The sound effects are subtle and well-placed, not overdone.

Welcome To Halloween Screensaver – If you’re looking for something to decorate your desktop for the kiddies this Halloween, download this free screen saver. Welcome to Halloween displays brightly colored animated cartoons depicting skeletons, wizards, silly ghosts, and various ghouls as they perform in a band, relax in the local tavern, or just stroll through town. Charming–and ever so slightly spooky–xylophone music plays in the background. Highly recommended!

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  1. ‘The Alpha Course, a Christian Website, has created an instant Internet poll asking if God exists – So far, 96 percent of respondents clicked on “NO.”’

    Wow Bill,
    This is just SHOCKING!