Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 18, 2009

Half of young people think file-sharing should be legal – According to a survey commissioned by media watchdog Ofcom, half of young people in the UK think file-sharing should be legal.

Facebook traffic rockets: report – Visits to social-networking site Facebook have increased by 86.1 per cent in the last year, according to research.

How To: Virtualize Any OS For Free – Syncing your Zune in Mac OS X, running Word in Linux, giving Linux a go within Windows 7: just a few of the things you can do with virtual machines. And setting one up isn’t just easy – it’s free.

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10 Firefox extensions you can’t live without – Whether you want to speed access to your favorite Web sites or protect your system from dangerous active content, there’s a Firefox extension ready to help you out.

Firefox Foils Microsoft’s Security Hole – If you use Firefox, you may have already seen a pop-up from your browser alerting you that it is blocking the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant and Windows Presentation Foundation add-ons. It’s for good reason.

E-mail isn’t Dead – But it is Broken – Have you sent me an e-mail recently? Did I respond? Probably not and it’s not my fault. I get way too many e-mails in a single day (a single hour!) to respond to them all.

10 common issues you can fix with a registry hack – Here’s a collection of simple hacks that can save you time and prevent a variety of problems.

How to Backup and Restore System Drivers – Whenever I restore a PC for a friend or family member, they almost never have the original drivers or system recovery CDs that shipped with the system. All you can do is install the retail version of Windows onto the system. And it’s almost inevitable that the drivers for a least one device will be missing.

Fear and Loathing in Cloud Services Headlines – Postini’s latest service disruption caused users of the email security service to wait up to 20 hours for messages. Competitors are capitalizing on the service woes, but some solution providers say negative headlines will cause customers to avoid adopting cloud computing.

Most Malware Loses Potency after 24 Hours – Viruses, worms and Trojans are increasingly dependent upon controller domains to either receive instructions or direct stolen data. These domains are short lived and when they go down, they render their malware virtually inert. This presents solution providers with a challenge and opportunity.

Off Topic:

Drinking and brain health – People who consume a moderate amount of alcohol have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, researchers say.

Build Your Own Server – Why pay somebody to do it for you when you can build it yourself!

500 Positive Resume Action Verbs That Get Job Interviews – Positive action verbs make your resume achievements sound even more impressive. Use this long list of action verbs to make your resume sizzle.

45 Vintage ‘Space Age’ Illustrations – Until we all are living in outer space with flying automobiles and robot servants, we can pass the time with these 45 vintage illustrations of a space age tomorrow. Hopefully these beautiful and creative works of art won’t bring back too many childhood disappointments.

Today’s Quote:

“Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity”.

Albert Einstein

Today’s Free Downloads:

SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition – SuperAntiSpyware, a next generation product, with its Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware and remove more than 1,000,000 pests and repair broken Internet connections, desktops, registry editing, and task manager.

MozyHome – MozyHome is the simple way to back up all the important files on your computer so in the event of disaster, your data is still retrievable. Simply download Mozy, select the types of files you want to back up, and Mozy does the rest. A copy of your files is safely stored in secure, offsite data centers.

Vortec IRC – Vortec IRC lets you share files, chat securely with Direct Client Connection (DCC), and start a voice conversation or share a whiteboard with a colleague.

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