ZoneAlarm Pro 10 – Free Today Only!

image Check Point Software will once again offer a free (a $40 value), one day only, download of their highly rated flagship product, ZoneAlarm Pro. This free offer will also include a one year subscription to updates, support, and services.

Note: The offer is valid from 6am PST 10/13/09 – 6am PST 10/14/09.

I recall that the last free offer from Check Point Software (November 2008), was extremely popular, so get there early and avoid getting caught in server overload.

Fast facts:

Powerful multi-layered security and protection

Operating System Firewall

Network Firewall

Program Firewall

Anti-Spyware, Identity Theft Protection

Simple to install (step-by-step installation wizard gets you up and running quickly)

Easy to use (color-coded guides and secure “out of the box” settings)

Triple Defense Firewall protects against hackers and spyware

Anti-Spyware scans for and removes spyware

SmartDefense service keeps your security updated with the latest Internet threat information

ID and Privacy Protection

Email Security which detects and quarantines malicious email attachments

Automatic Wireless Security which detects and secures wireless networks


System requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download at: Zone Alarm

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16 responses to “ZoneAlarm Pro 10 – Free Today Only!

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  2. Dave K

    Free – but my invoice says I’m being charged £3.74 tax! And their confirmation email says I’m being charged the full price. I’ve attempted to contact them to ask what they’re playing at.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Dave,

      If you followed the special link in the article, you would have received an email from Zone Alarm with explicit instructions as to how to download, install and plug in the enclosed license number. I trust you did that.

      The invoice and the tax you describe, is something I have not heard of until now, and 160+ people have downloaded this application in the last hour alone, through my site. Perhaps this is something that is specific to the U.K.?


  3. David Revie

    I tried the Zone Alarm pro. I ended up with a computer that was frozen. I had to completely restore everything on my computer.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi David,

      Firewall installation can be tricky. Did you uninstall your existing Firewall *prior* to installing Zone Alarm? Not doing so can often lead to serious issues.


  4. Dave K

    Re the tax charge I mentioned, they say this was a pre-authorisation amount which will “drop off” shortly.

    Bad news from David Revie. I’ll be sure to completely uninstall my old ZoneAlarm Free prior to installation – and then keep my fingers crossed. Was that on XP or Vista, David?

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi David,

      Thanks for clearing that up for me – appreciate it.

      I don’t think you need worry, since your exisitng Firewall is Zone Alarm Free – the new install will look at it as an upgrade. But, despite that, it may be prudent to uninstall the free version first, as you suggest.


  5. Hi Bill,

    Just wanted to share my experience with the Zone Alarm Pro free giveaway. I received the email confirmation, great, downloaded the program, great, installed the program, not so great.

    After the program installed I got the Blue Screen of Death, lol, scrolling and scrolling with text flashing by faster than I could read it.

    My laptop froze, solid! I had to switch it of and restart. No luck, froze again. Had to reboot in safe mode. Found out my system restore was switched off, so couldn’t restore.

    Had to reboot from a CD copy of my operating system files, and spent hours reloading programs, etc.

    On the upside, I have a relatively clutter-free C drive now, lol. 🙂

    I read the earlier comment about a firewall but I only had windows vista firewall on my machine, so I don’t know what happened. I had no viruses or malware as far as I know; I scan every day.

    I just thought I’d share my experience, more in hope of finding out what went wrong other than anything else.

    Anyway, have a great evening, Bill. (It’s late here and I have no idea what time it is there lol)

    I’m all PC’d out now, logging off and going back to the real world for a while. (Or is this the real world?I think I’ve been on here too long)lol

    Best Wishes


    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Paul,

      What a mess – sorry to hear this. Generally, a new Fire Wall installation will give you the option of turning off the Windows Fire Wall (Zone Alarm is one), and in fact, most will automatically turn it off since the conflicts are enormous.

      If you ever have an experience like this again, here’s what to do:

      Restart the machine and continually press F8, and start the computer in Safe Mode (without networking).

      Turn off the offending application in Windows Task Manager, and all its services – better if you have one of the Task Manager replacement apps on your machine that I recently reviewed, this will help you determine the appropriate services to shut down. In the case of a Fire Wall, sometimes you cannot turn off the relevant services – this is a malware safeguard. Regardless, then open Msconfig, and ensure that it is not an auto starting program (it probably is), and if it is, stop it from autostarting.

      Restart your machine in Safe Mode (without networking). Launch Revo Uninstaller (this is a must have application and I have reviewed it a number of times), and delete the offending app including its registry entries, since it’s probable that the registry has been changed. You can of course use the application’s own uninstaller (not all applications have a built in installer), but in my view, Revo does a superior job.

      90% of the time this should fix the problem. If not (after you have done the above), restart (F8), and choose the ‘last good configuration that worked” menu item. In a case like this it is very likely that the original Fire Wall would have been corrupted and would have to be reinstalled.

      If you need to delete your System Restore file, turn it off and on restart, it will be deleted. Having done that, you should immediately turn on System Restore again. If the size of this file concerns, you can manually set the maximum file size by opening System Restore and making the adjustment.

      Many good applications today, will set a system restore point before installing, so having this turned on is very necessary.

      Don’t hesitate to let me know when you have this type of problem. If you can access another machine, email and we’ll work out a way to solve the problem.

      Thanks for sharing this since other readers can learn from your experience.



  6. David Revie

    it was on XP. I had disabled my security suite. But I am beyond that now I have almost restored everything. So I am good to go.

    • Dave K

      Just installed ZA Pro successfully on my XP laptop. Postponing installation on my main Vista tower PC until I feel brave. BTW, the token British tax amount has now cleared from my account so it is, indeed, Free! It’s always good to have a complete clearout every so often, David. Who needs all those pesky old emails cluttering up your system, anyway? 😉

  7. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for you reply. I copied and saved the page so I will have your instructions if anything like this happens again. I appreciate your help and your clear instructions. When a person isn’t too tech savvy even some tech words may as well be written in another language, for all the sense they make.

    I think you have so many readers of your blog because you explain things in terms we can all understand, and it is appreciated by lots of us out here in the no-tech knowledge desert.

    I imagine it was something I did wrong that ultimately caused the crash, too much ‘clicking’ or something. At least now I know what to do next time.

    Maybe writers should stick to pen and paper eh?

    Thanks Bill.

    Talk soon (or maybe not, if I don’t mess up again) *Bill breathes a sigh of relief.* 🙂

  8. Thanks a Lot, I have been looking for Zonealarm Free for Windows 7. Its not out yet, no timeline though. I dont wish to shift to other Firewall. I have subscribed to the 24 hour scheme. Hope I dont miss it again as i have missed it now.

    Thanks for the link & info

    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks for dropping by Prathamesh, and for the comment. The 24 hour scheme offered by ZoneAlarm is a very good deal – good luck with that.