Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 12, 2009

Is Google Evil? – How Google Coddles Consumers, Rips Microsoft, Rivals.

Attackers Improving Search Engine Optimization to Push Rogue Security Tools – In an analysis of a rogue anti-spyware scam, AVG Technologies noted that just 24 hours after a news event, attackers had already gotten their malicious links into five of the top 10 Google search results. The incident highlights the challenges faced by search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft Bing.

Lifehacker: Top 10 Reminder Tools for Forgetful Minds – Tweak your workflow and inboxes all you want, but your mental memory might always be the weakest link in your day-to-day life. These 10 tools take some of the workload off your brain, and prevent a few forehead slaps.

The Future Of Digital ForensicsLast week’s 10th annual IT Security Awareness Day at the University of Florida had IT workers from all over the state in attendance to hear experts from InGuardians, F-Response, Sunbelt Software, and Microsoft. Though I enjoyed every presentation, I keep thinking about one in particular — the future of forensics.

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Microsoft Security Essentials Could Lower Threat Levels – Symantec and other traditional antivirus vendors were quick to dismiss Microsoft’s free antivirus suite. But it’s not a bad thing if Microsoft Security Essentials is even only marginally effective, free and widely available antivirus could do a lot to reduce malware threats to the overall Internet-connected community.

Could Keylogging Be Behind Webmail Attack? – Key-logging malware could be behind the recent web mail attack that saw thousands of email addresses and their associated passwords leaked online, according to one security expert. Amichai Shulman, from security firm Imperva, believes that the size of the scam shows that it is not a phishing attack.

Five super-secret features in Windows 7 – during our Windows 7 exploration, I also spotted some secret features that are hidden deep within the recesses of over 50 million lines of code. In fact, these features are so secret that I doubt even the most dedicated, deeply-experienced IT professionals will be able to find them. Yes, they are that mysterious.

MSI X340 Slim: The best laptop you’ve never heard of – …. there’s an alternative that is as thin as the MacBook Air, has nearly all of the features of the Dell Adamo, and has a price tag that is closer to a netbook. It’s the MSI X340 Slim and here is TechRepublic look at it from an IT and business perspective.

Criminals hijack Stephen Gately death news – Cybercriminals are using news reports about the death of pop star Stephen Gately to hide malware, security experts have warned.

YouTube used to host spammers’ adverts – Popular video-sharing site YouTube is being used by spammers to host unsolicited advertising, security experts have claimed.

Off Topic:

This Is It: New Michael Jackson song hits the web – This Is It, a previously unreleased Michael Jackson track, made its worldwide debut on Monday morning and you can hear it online. It features backing vocals from Jackson’s brothers. The album is being released to mark the launch of a film, also called This Is It, which features backstage footage of the star as he prepared for a series of sold-out concerts at London’s O2 Arena.

Two-year-old boy with same IQ as Einstein – Oscar Wrigley, a two-year-old with the same IQ as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, has become the youngest boy in Britain to be accepted into Mensa.

Frankencamera: A Giant Leap For Digital Photos? – Computer scientists at Stanford have developed a prototype they call the “Frankencamera” that may change the future of photography. It works a bit like an iPhone, in that it runs on an open source operating system, allowing photographers to change the electronic guts of the camera by downloading applications.

Perpetual war is here: Americans are getting used to it – A new poll shows a substantial majority of Americans have resigned themselves to the reality of our nation’s perpetual foreign wars. They don’t like it, but they see it happening and know there is nothing they can do about it.

Today’s Quote:

“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes”.

Doctor Who

Today’s Free Downloads:

Lifehacker: Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives – The Windows Task Manager is a functional but basic tool for keeping an eye on what your computer’s up to. If you want to go beyond the built-in tool and for more in depth information and control, check out these five alternatives.

Flash Drive Reminder – This is a small, freeware utility that pops up a reminder if you try and log off Windows without removing your flash drive. This program adds an entry to the AutoPlay dialog that pops up when you insert a flash drive into a computer.

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