Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 4, 2009

FBI issues Facebook friend warning – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned surfers to be on their guard when using social networks.

Social Networks Fight Back – How major social networks MySpace and Facebook are building up security — and where their weakest links remain.

Lifehacker: Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren’t Google Wave) – You’ve probably heard about a hard-to-get, hugely new service called Google Wave. Lest ye forget, there are plenty of web-based collaboration tools that don’t require learning a new way of speaking. Here are a few of our (mostly free) favorites.

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Video: Energy Sector in Danger of Cyberattack – A former Department of Homeland Security official is warning that the nation’s energy grid could be opening itself up to crippling cyberattacks.

Wi-Fi signals used to see through walls – The researchers say that the variation of radio signals in a wireless network can reveal the movements of people behind closed doors or even a wall.

10 reasons why Windows XP will be around a while – Windows XP continues to demonstrate formidable staying power. Here are some reasons why many organizations want to hang onto it.

Bing Ads Warn About Online Scams – If you’re looking for information on how to fix your credit score through Microsoft’s search engine Bing, you might get warned that many of the links you’ll encounter are, in fact, scams.

Off Topic:

Half of women would ban games consoles – A study has found that many women would ban their partner from having a games console if they had the chance.

11 Things Wal-Mart Has Banned – Retail giant Wal-Mart is the world’s largest public company, and whether or not you’re a fan of shopping at the House that Sam Walton Built, you’ve got to admit that the store stocks just about everything. But not quite, though. There are a number of things that Wal-Mart has banned from its stores at some point. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

7 Secrets Only Two Living People Know (For Some Reason) – What do you suppose are the most well-kept secrets in the world? The launch codes for the American nuclear arsenal? The location of Jimmy Hoffa’s bones? Not even close. Below are secrets that only two people on planet Earth know. Sometimes they have very good reasons to keep these secrets so fiercely. Other times, not so much.

Today’s Quote:

“A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain”.

Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

YouTube Downloader – This simple freeware application works pretty well, given how basic the interface is. It has two main features: to download FLV files from YouTube, and to convert them to most major formats. If there’s a YouTube URL in your clipboard, it will automatically paste it for you when you click on the dialog box.

PhotoScape – Add another name to the roster of feature-rich freeware image editors: PhotoScape. Although it eats and leaks about as much memory as Firefox, this editor is perfect for those making the jump between JPEG and am-pro dSLR work.

Glary Utilities – This powerful application offers extensive utilities to improve your system’s performance and protect your privacy. Glary Utilities’ well-organized interface allows users to easily choose from several tools. It cleans unwanted junk files and removes invalid and broken shortcuts, freeing up valuable disk space.

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