Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 21, 2009

Review: Intel vs. AMD processors – AMD and Intel have released new chipsets in a bid for dominance in the value PC marketplace. AMD’s goal was to compete with Intel’s G41 chipset. But in this ever changing game of leap frog, Intel quickly came back with the introduction of the P55 chipset.

Lifehacker: Five Best Time-Tracking Applications – Where does the time go? Whether you need to know for billing purposes or just want a better idea of how your work day is split up, you can always answer that question with a good time-tracking application.

First Look: Google Chrome 3.0 – Google’s new Chrome 3.0 browser promises faster page loading, customizable themes, and an updated tab page. Here’s a complete look at the changes.

Share News Articles with Google Fast Flip – Google Fast Flip displays captured images of news article pages from partner sites in such a way (similar to thumbnails) that you can literally flip through the various pages. You click on the story you want to read and you are taken directly to the source.

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LogMeIn can control some PCs, even when off – How can you be sure your data is safe when off doesn’t mean inaccessible? A remote-control technology that is part of Intel’s VPro architecture raises some security questions.

Do One-Click Comparison Shopping with PriceTrace – Sure Amazon’s giving you the best deal? This nifty new Firefox add-on makes it a snap to look up prices from various online stores.

TechPosters: – Technical Posters and Cheats for IT Guys

An Amazing Laptop Recovery Story – Using remote access software, a Miami man helps cops track down and recover his two stolen laptops.

Off Topic:

Cursive writing may be fading skill, but so what? – Charleston resident Kelli Davis was in for a surprise when her daughter brought home some routine paperwork at the start of school this fall. Davis signed the form and then handed it to her daughter for the eighth-grader’s signature. Her daughter was apologetic, but explained that she hadn’t been required to make the graceful loops and joined letters of cursive writing in years. That prompted a call to the school and another surprise.

Oops! Egypt Learns Why Killing All Its Pigs Was a Dumb Idea – So, the government in Egypt decided a while back that it should kill all the pigs in the country. You know, to stop the dreaded Swine Flu. On the surface, this was an unbelievably stupid idea. But it turns out, it was even dumber than first thought — because those pigs were eating Egypt’s garbage. Now they’ve run out of places to put the stuff.

Cash4Gold Threatened Jail If Negative Comments Weren’t Removed – Ex-Cash4Gold employee Vielka Nephew filed a motion to vacate the default in the company’s lawsuit against her this week, a lawsuit we’re a party to. By getting rid of the default she would then be able to defend herself in the lawsuit and to seek to undo the default injunction which Cash4Gold had obtained against her.

Lawsuit: Debt Collector Harassment Contributed To Man’s Death – When a Florida man suffered a heart attack, he needed to leave his job. Between everyday expenses and medical bills, he fell behind on his mortgage and other bills, and debt collectors began calling. And calling. And calling. Eventually, a lawsuit alleges, the stress from the harassing and abusive phone calls led to the man’s death. Frivolous lawsuit? Maybe not.

Not-so-anonymous speech: how to get yourself unmasked online – You’re anonymous when you post comments online – except when you’re not. Though many Internet users still believe that their identities are as hidden as they choose to make them, online anonymity is not always guaranteed and, in fact, there’s no way to stay truly anonymous.

Today’s Quote:

“Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock”.

Will Rogers

Today’s Free Downloads:

Your search for free Vector graphics is over – we have compiled a list of the best free web sites to freely download Vectors, most of the sites don’t qualify into a category, we’ll call them general, but in the second half of the post you will find specialized resources dedicated to vector logos, brands, cartoons and icons.

EssentialPIM Free – Could you use a little help staying on top of everything? Then you need a personal information manager that can help you manage your schedule and to-do list, keep track of your contacts, and create outlines as you brainstorm. EssentialPIM Free is an excellent one for those who don’t want to spend any money; it offers just about everything you want in a PIM.

Guides for Popular Apps – Perfect for novice users, these single-page posters offer tips, shortcuts, and other handy info. And they’re free!

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