Stop Being Dirty – Download Free Comodo System Cleaner!

What could be a more powerful free solution, than that old standby CCleaner, which removes unused files, and ensures your privacy by cleaning traces of your online activities? Well, how about Comodo System Cleaner, which will do all that, and much more.

I’m a big fan of Comodo’s products, including their free Firewall and AntiVirus software. So I was expecting big things from Comodo System Cleaner, and I wasn’t disappointed. After considerable testing, I gave this free application a big “thumbs up”.

Comodo Privacy Cleaner 1

Fast facts:

Registry Cleaner – Optimizes and repairs your Windows registry by running an in-depth scan to remove, or repair, unnecessary or corrupted registry keys.

Disk Cleaner – This utility lets you quickly clear them all, to free up space and improve performance. Also allows you to schedule regular clean up routines.

Privacy Cleaner – Obliterates your digital paper trail and helps protect you from identity theft by cleaning history, cache, cookies and usage records from Internet browsers, Windows locations, and popular software.

System Settings – With over 50 tweaks in the ‘System Settings’ area alone, you can optimize Windows behavior in a more powerful and intuitive way than ever before.

System Information – Detailed and easily accessible ‘dashboard’ summary of all the hardware and software installed on your computer.

Autorun Manager – Fingertip control over exactly which programs and services start with Windows. Helps improve Windows boot up time, stops unwanted programs from hogging system resources and boosts overall system performance and stability.

File Pending Delete – Provides the ability to delete files that are locked and cannot otherwise be deleted when in Windows ‘User Mode’. Specifying a file with the ‘File Pend Delete’ tool will schedule that file to be deleted immediately after the next system restart.

File Wiper – Allows you to permanently remove confidential or sensitive files from your hard drive. When you ‘delete’ a file in Windows, you are really only removing the reference to that file from the system table. The file itself remains on your drive and could be easily re-opened by data thieves. ‘File Wiper’ ensures that the files you want to delete are comprehensively erased and cannot be recovered.

Free – for both home and business users.

Comodo Reg Cleaner 1

I’m a big fan of “all-in-one” system utilities and I have to admit, I really liked this all-in-one free application, with its simple and effective user interface. I particularly liked the easy access the user interface allows to Windows system settings (even on my Windows 7 machine), which makes tweaking the OS a snap.

As the fast facts point out, this application has a wide range of built in system utilities, which in my view, are perfect for the new, or casual computer user. I should point out however, that the built in registry cleaner, just like all registry cleaners, should be used cautiously.

Here’s why – despite the fact that the registry cleaner has a neat feature; it will restart your machine to test if the registry removal will adversely affect your system, on a test run this module screwed up my game settings.

I’m not blaming the module. It was my own fault, since I did not exercise proper caution. Just shows you – even geeks can be careless! It was not a big deal to recover but……….

What makes this free application even more interesting is; it’s available as a portable program which can easily be run from a USB drive. Great for geeks!

Comodo provides a comparison chart, on their site, which illustrates the differences between their application and the competition, which you may find interesting.

Comodo Cleaner Comparison

Despite the fact that I’m very impressed with this new offering from Comodo, Ccleaner will remain my “go to” application for routine cleaning. When I need that weekly deep cleaning though, or I need additional system access, I’ll spin up Comodo System Cleaner.

If you’re a casual computer user, Comodo System Cleaner is definitely worth considering as an addition to your system utilities toolbox.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Server 2003

Download at:

Portable version download at:

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9 responses to “Stop Being Dirty – Download Free Comodo System Cleaner!

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  3. Azziz

    Glad to read this article, on my windows xp optimization was noticed, it behaves pretty well, but some reported that their pc lost ist functionality after passing comodo system cleaner. Hope comodo sorted out this issu with a new version.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Azziz,

      As you have stated, this program works well on your system.

      As I pointed out in the article, users need to be extremely cautious when using ANY registry cleaner. Deleting critical registry entries will cause system problems.

      Comodo doesn’t need to release a new version to cure a non-existing problem. It’s not the application that’s causing the problem, it’s the user. User forums are full of comments from people who consider themselves “computer experts”, who simply “don’t know” what they “don’t know”.


  4. John

    I’ve been using various system cleaners for years, including the registry cleaner components. Recently, I’ve become more cautious about using the registry cleaner components of these utilities particulary if I’m helping with someone else’s computer. I frequently hear that it’s too dangerous and that cleaning the registry doesn’t enhance performance anyway. Any thoughts on this from anyone?

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi John,

      There is some disagreement in the tech community as to whether cleaning the registry has any impact on performance. Personally, I come down on the side of those who think it does, despite the fact, the impact of cleaning the registry can often be difficult to measure.

      There are vast difference amongst registry cleaners; some such as RegSeeker, should only be used by those who are skilled in interpreting the search results, while others such as Ccleaner, are relatively harmless and casual user friendly.


  5. Software

    Thank you for another great post.
    I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.

  6. DennisVega

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

  7. nice info bro..!! i like it.. thanks ^_^