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SmartClose, a free utility that should, in my view, come pre-installed with the Operating System, can close all running programs which can interrupt high-end tasks, such as defragmenting a Hard Drive, recovering files, shredding free disk space, burning CD/DVDs, or playing processor intensive games where fps is a critical issue.

If you’re like me, and you like to test drive new software applications, then you know that virtually all application installers recommend closing all running applications to minimize conflicts, and to avoid replacing in-use files.


Closing running applications manually can often be time consuming, particularly if you are a power user with 5 or 6 programs running at the same time. To raise the frustration quotient, once you have closed all these programs, you then have to re-launch each closed application just to recover where you were.


SmartClose has been developed to eliminate this frustration, by automatically closing all running programs, disabling the screen saver, and shutting down running processes that can disrupt your new task.

Running SmartClose, with its five-icon interface, tool-tips, and wizards, is dead simple. When your task has been completed, restoring the applications you closed is straightforward, since SmartClose saves a system snapshot which can easily restore the machines previous condition.

Power users especially, will be glad they have this neat little application in their utility toolbox.

Fast facts:

Two wizards: the Close Programs wizard, for closing all the programs, and the Restore wizard, to restore a system snapshot.

With SmartClose-technology, most programs can be properly closed, so that the program can save its settings, and return memory and resources, to the system.

In the rare cases where a program can’t be properly closed, SmartClose can use SmartKill to kill the program.

Protected Programs option.

Closes Explorer and Internet Explorer windows, and saves their current location for restoration.

Disables and restores the screen saver.

Stops and restarts Windows NT/2000/XP services, such as the Task Scheduler.

System requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Download at:

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3 responses to “Get Smart With Free Smart Close

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  2. Charles

    Are you sure that this smart close works on vista; if not, it will make a disaster on that system.