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10 things you should know about moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 – If you skipped Windows Vista and stuck with Windows XP, chances are good that you are now seriously considering moving to Windows 7 after it’s released on October 22. If so, there is much for you to do. Not only should you begin planning for your operating system migration, but you should begin learning as much as you can about Windows 7. Here are 10 things you can do to get ready for the switch. Serves Up Scareware – Beware: – is serving up “scareware” ads that promise to scan your system for malware. Don’t be fooled.

Lifehacker: Make and Receive Free Phone Calls with Google Voice and Android – The one big thing Google Voice doesn’t offer, besides automated telemarketer taunting, is free voice-over-internet phone calling through your cellphone. On an Android phone, however, you can use the Gizmo5 service, Google Voice, and a free application to call anyone for free.

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Twilight: New Moon video scam warning – Surfers have been warned to look out for scams relating to the upcoming Twilight: New Moon movie.

How to Buy Genuine Software Online for Less – Here are tips to help you purchase licensed software programs online at a price that is much less than the suggested retail price. You’ll also learn about useful sites that offer excellent deals on popular software titles.

20 Twitter Apps You Need to Know About – In addition to being a hot destination, Twitter has fostered a whole new ecosystem of real-time communication. Countless applications are popping up to take advantage of the Twitter API to help make their Web services viral.

Firefox Update will Remedy Flash Flaw – Mozilla’s next update for Firefox, slated to ship Tuesday, will check for outdated versions of Flash Player, a frequent target of hackers, the company said on Friday. The move is the open-source browser maker’s opening salvo against out-of-date, open-to-attack plug-ins from vendors like Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and Sun.

10+ IT pros share the utilities and tools they can’t live without – One way to make your job a little easier is to find out which tools other IT pros rely on — and then try them out for yourself.

Microsoft patches gaping Windows worm holes – Microsoft today released a peck of patches to cover at least seven documented worm holes in the Windows operating system. The most serious of the vulnerabilities addresses could lead to remote code execution complete system takeover attacks.

NiftyClicks: Printing, Finance, Slides & Free Video – No one collects better online tools and resources than our favorite online marketing expert, Andrew Lock. Add four more NiftyClicks to your online arsenal.

World Cup 2010 competition scam warning – Security experts have warned that cybercriminals have begun to use the 2010 World Cup in South Africa as bait in phishing scams.

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Top 10 Blowhards of the Web – Arrington! Scoble! Cuban! Huffington! After much debate, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite blogging blowhards, the most notable offenders in a vast rogues’ gallery of Web windbags.

The Beatles: Rock Band – A few days from now classic rock fans will have a chance to strap on a plastic guitar and jam along with the biggest act in popular music history, with the September 9 release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Today’s Free Downloads:

Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus – Consistently at or near the top of independent efficacy testers, Avira’s AntiVir remains one of the best freeware security solutions around. Its scans are flexible, allowing the user to fully scan both internal and external hard drives, run a preloaded scan–for rootkits, for example–or customize a scan.

LimeWire – From its start as a post-Napster clone to its leading role as the quintessential Gnutella client, LimeWire is the highest-profile P2P application. Version 5 re-envisions LimeWire for a Web 2.0 world, with an emphasis on sharing with friends, square buttons with rounded corners, and overall a cleaner interface.

Customize Windows keyboard shortcuts with the free AutoHotkey – This freeware program lets power users perform complex operations by pressing a few keys. A quick glance shows that the AutoHotkey script language offers a wide range of opportunities.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder – Most people are unaware of how many duplicate files there are cluttering their hard disks. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder allows you easily find all them duplicate files and reclaim all that wasted disk space.

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