I Don’t Care If You’re Naked – Stop Spamming Me!

image I’m a red blooded Canadian/American/Irishman, having spent some part of my life in all of these countries. So, just like most “red blooded’” guys, the word “naked” always gets my attention. But, enough is enough. Actually, enough is too much.

I’ve been on the Internet since its inception, so I’ve learned to tolerate Spam; well, more or less. Over the years, if I added up all my winnings from the contest I’ve supposedly won, I’d be a gazillionaire. If I’d taken all the pills offered to me by spammers, I’d be a walking bag of hormones. And, if I’d bought every faux watch pushed by spammers, I could open a jewelry store!

Overall, Spam doesn’t really trouble me. It is what it is. Incredibly stupid people seeking out other incredibly stupid people, to scam, or do business with. There is one form of Spam thought, that really tries my patience, and that’s Skype Spam.

Skype is a great convenience for me. It allows me to speak directly with the people I need to speak with, face to face, through Skype video calling; at a price that’s hard to beat – free!

Until recently, Skype Spam was not really an issue I had to deal with. Sure, occasionally I’d get an enticing offer from spammers like sweet_pamela.19,  camwithme40, or others, all offering the same thing. You know the drill – “let’s get down, let’s get dirty”, “watch me take my clothes off and get naked”, and in some cases, more.

Skype Spam 1

Lately, I’ve noticed, there has been a definite increase in this type of Spam aimed at my Skype account.


Since Internet security is my “bread and butter”, and dangerous web surfing is part of the package, following these enticements back to the source, safely, is straightforward. In almost every case the trail leads to Russia, or to the land of the “horse sex” video business, the Ukraine.

No, I’m not making up the “horse sex” video reference. Since I occasionally write about the dangers of pornographic web sites, and use words that commonly describe such sites, the Google search strings used to reference these articles on my site, can certainly deviate from the norm. Video “horse sex”, is actually a fairly mild search term.

I’ve hardened my privacy settings on Skype as much as possible, without limiting overall functionality – but to no avail. Unfortunately, the impact of doing so has been limited.

So, listen up “betsylouwho.whoville.com”, or whatever moniker you’re using today – get lost, take a hike, vamoose…………….. I am not a mindless “sheeple”. I don’t want your invitations.

If I want to catch you get naked, I’ll call you!

Skype Spam is not limited to just this type of sexy come-on. To read more about  dangerous Skype malware, and how it can affect you, checkout TechPaul’s “Skype Phishing Returns” and “Skype – Windows Requires Immediate Attention.. Not!”.

Skype is a terrific application, and well worth checking out. Don’t be dissuaded by the spammers and scammers that take advantage of every aspect of the Internet. These people will never disappear.

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4 responses to “I Don’t Care If You’re Naked – Stop Spamming Me!

  1. Mr. Mullins,
    I have long defined spam the exact same way you just did —
    Spam = Incredibly stupid people seeking out other incredibly stupid people, to scam, or do business with.
    — but up until today I have never seen it in print. (Wikipedia, are you listening?)

    But I have reached a slightly different “tolerance” level. I have seen statistics that say that 90% of all the 1’s and 0’s traveling the wires at any given moment is spam, and I think of all the electricity it takes to ‘push’ those packets from here to there, and power the switches to ‘route’ them, the “filters” the ISP’s have to maintain, and the pure waste of it all… (electricity isn’t free, and it must be generated, often by burning coal..) and the fact that whether it be “direct marketing” or cybercrime Joe and Jane Citizen don’t want this *crud*..

    I think it is way past time that people get organized and put a stop to it.


    • Bill Mullins


      Your comment is very appropriate, and I totally agree.

      The waste of resources is truly mind boggling


  2. The first sexy come-on I received was from Skype too- from a pro poker player sexy lady.
    When I noticed that my pc acts weird when I use Skype, I uninstalled it.