Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 27, 2009

Increase Windows 7 Performance: Disable Unnecessary Services in Windows 7 – Windows services are basically the backbone for core operating systems components. Without the services running, its associated function won’t work either.

Prep Your Mac for Snow Leopard – An operating system update like this Friday’s release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a perfect time to clean up your computer and start fresh. Let’s prepare your Mac for this weekend’s 10.6 upgrade.

Free Antivirus Apps You Can Depend On – Penny-pinching consumers looking for good no-cost antivirus software are faced with a bewildering range of options. To help you figure out which free tool is right for you, we put products from Alwil (Avast), AVG, Avira, Comodo, Microsoft, Panda, and PC Tools through the wringer. Our verdict? You can get decent protection and save yourself some cash if you’re willing to go without a few frills.

European Cybergangs Target Small U.S. Businesses, Group Says – Multi-million-dollar crime wave worries large financial institutions.

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Personal Spy Gear: Is It Ethical? Is It Legal? – These days, if you want to watch over your house, your kids or your significant other, there’s a whole world of high-tech security devices out there you can use, in forms you may not have even imagined.

100 Dirtiest Sites to Avoid for Safety’s Sake – Web users could be putting themselves at risk by surfing to some sites that contain more than 18,000 different security threats each, says Symantec.

10 things that can go wrong when you upgrade your operating system – Upgrading to a new operating system — whether it’s one personal computer at home or an office full of workstations — can be a stressful experience. You do it to take advantage of new features or to be able to run new applications, but you approach it with trepidation because you know there are always things that can go wrong. In this article, we’ll look at some of those potential problems and explain how you can prevent them or work around them if they do occur.

Research: 80% of Web users running unpatched versions of Flash/Acrobat – According to a research published by Trusteer earlier this month, 79.5% of the 2.5 million users of their Rapport security service run a vulnerable version of Adobe Flash, with 83.5% also running a vulnerable version of Acrobat.

Snow Leopard upgrade: what’s in it for me?

10 ways to detect computer malware – In the ongoing war against malware threats, you need tools that will baseline your system, detect vulnerabilities, and remove existing malware.

Malicious Advertising via Facebook Applications – Content on Facebook can be malicious, and only your common sense can protect you.

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Ask the Leadership Coach: How do I handle being sabotaged by a colleague? – Office politics can make even a great job go sour. Leadership coach John M. McKee advises a company VP who feels his position is being sabotaged by a colleague.

How To Design Brochures in Microsoft Publisher – Helen Bradley shares design tips to create great-looking brochures in Microsoft Publisher.

Why You Should Homebrew: Great Taste, Less Spending – Did you know that in most states, you can brew up to 100 gallons of beer or wine per adult in your home, 200 gallons max? So why are you still buying it from the supermarket?

Test natural selection yourself – Still unconvinced about natural selection? It’s no big deal – natural selection can be a tricky concept to wrap your head around. Here we have an applet where you can do natural selection yourself. Hopefully, being able to see natural selection at work in front of your very eyes will convince you that mutations and selection pressures can have profound effects on organisms.

Today’s Free Downloads:

Lifehacker: LicenseCrawler Retrieves License Keys for Backup – LicenseCrawler is a portable and free tool for retrieving serial numbers and product keys from your computer. A simple scan with LicenseCrawler ensures you’ll never be left trying to reinstall software without the proper key.

Avira AntiVir Personal – Avira AntiVir’s excellent malware detection, disinfection, and scan speed earned this app the top spot in our recent ranking of free antivirus software. In tests, AntiVir’s 98.9 percent overall malware detection rate was the best among the software on our chart.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition – Antivirus program AVG 8.5 Free offers solid features and a polished interface. AVG detected 95.8 percent of’s malware zoo of about half a million Trojan horses, worms, spyware, and other nasties, earning it third place in our rankings of free antivirus software.

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