The Winners in the WinAutomation Contest Are….

I’m happy to announce that the winners of a free license for WinAutomation, a Windows application that has been designed so that the user can automate both uncomplicated and, more intricate tasks, using a straightforward, simple, and intuitive drag and drop interface, are:


Chris W


You can of course, download a a fully functional 30 day trial of WinAutomation. Read the following review and you might find this superior application pretty tempting.

Macros to the Max with WinAutomation


We’ve come to believe that computers were designed, amongst other things, to help make us more efficient. Arguable, computers have done just that.

Unfortunately, one of the issues many of us have ended up having to deal with are those repetitive tasks; the sort of mundane “gotta do” computer tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. The type of repetitive tasks we would like to automate, but many of us don’t have the programming skills to do so effectively.

Back in the days of dinosaur computing, 20 + years ago, one of the computing skills I had to learn early on, was writing elementary macros. This was an absolute necessity in order to increase efficiency – even for home computing tasks.

Computing today is far more complex; so elementary macro writing, or running basic Windows scripts for more complex tasks, just doesn’t cut it.

Recently, I was asked to review WinAutomation, a Windows application that has been designed so that the user can automate both uncomplicated and, more intricate tasks, using a straightforward, simple, and intuitive drag and drop interface.

Let me cut to the chase – this application does exactly what it says it will do. My programming skills are pretty rusty, so it was a welcome surprise to see that no programming skills are needed to get the best out of this application.

I quickly opened the examples set out in the WinAutomation console, and that coupled with the extensive help file, made the learning curve for the program extremely quick and easy.

WinAutomation 2

WinAutomation 1

Fast facts:

Visual Job Editor that lets you build automation Jobs using Drag & Drop.

130+ predefined actions to combine for easy Job-building.

Task Scheduler that lets you schedule and execute Jobs while you are away.

Triggers that let you monitor your system, and respond to events (e.g., when a file is created or modified, when a Hotkey is pressed, when system is idle and more).

Integrated Debugger to inspect and debug your tasks while running.

Support for Variables and Data Types.

Advanced Flow Control capabilities, Conditionals, Loops, nested Loops.

Advanced Error Handling to create Jobs that compensate for and handle errors gracefully.

Image Recognition technology that literally “sees the screen” to help you automate non-standard interfaces or applications over remote sessions.

Macro Recorder that lets you record mouse and keyboard action to automate tasks easily.

Exe Compiler (Pro Edition only) for compiling your tasks into autonomous exe files that you can distribute and run without having WinAutomation installed.

WinAutomation deserves kudos for the way it effectively takes the grind out of those repetitive mundane computing tasks that drive us all slightly batty, and measurably reduce our efficiency.

To see how effective this application really is, I recommend that you watch the primer on how you can automate your repetitive computer tasks at WinAutomation.

Give this great application a test drive and you might be very surprised at how quickly you can increase your efficiency.

Download a fully functional 30 day trial at: WinAutomation


WinAutomation 3.0 Professional Edition US$ 199

WinAutomation 3.0 Standard Edition US$ 129

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