Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 16, 2009

Deploy Ubuntu on Windows systems easily – If you are a system administrator, have heard of Ubuntu as being a powerful free alternative to Windows and want to give it a try, then do so with these simple tools without affecting your current Windows installation.

Facebook firing after ‘friend’ boss ripped – Woman let go after rant: ‘I guess you forgot about adding me on here?’

Firefox 3.6 Alpha Unveiled – The next release of the popular Web browser adds some powerful behind-the-scenes capabilities and hopes to increase Firefox’s load times.

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Better Core i7 Coolers Really Do Improve Performance – Corsair argues that a better cooler can affect your computer’s overall performance. And the argument is actually pretty compelling.

Cellphones Largely Immune to Viruses, for Now – The tightly controlled mobile industry so far has helped keep cell phones from attack.

Brazilian ID thieves using Twitter as botnet command channel – Arbor Networks security researcher Jose Nazario has stumbled upon a crimeware botnet using Twitter as its command-and-control operation. The botnet, which is linked to identity thieves in Brazil, uses Twitter status messages to communicate with bots — sending new links for the infected computers to contact and new commands and executables to download and run.

Advanced Mac OS X rootkit tools released – Security researcher Dino Dai Zovi (of Pwn2Own fame) has released a suite of tools to demonstrate how to load an advanced rootkit on Mac OS X machines.

58 Cool Hacks: Linux – Increase your guru points and apply these cunning hacks to boost performance, secure your system and increase productivity – or fun!

Off Topic:

What Came Before the Big Bang? – Even as a boy watching the first moon landing on TV, Brian Clegg remembers wondering, “How did it all begin?” In his latest book, Before the Big Bang, the Cambridge-educated writer examines the theories that physicists and philosophers alike have put forth to explain how we got here.

7 ways to change your life in the next 7 daysLife change may seem to take years to achieve but there are steps you can walk today and in the next week that perhaps can change your life forever.

Why It’s Smart To Be Optimistic – Sure, it has been a harrowing storm. And now is no time to discount the dangers that still exist. But opening your mind to optimism can help you seize the opportunities ahead.

Video: How to promote yourself without being obnoxious – Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But, during times of economic uncertainty and job cuts, you might need to promote yourself and your work to stay employed. Learn how to celebrate your successes with integrity.

How Rabbits Deal With Confusion – Humor.

Top 10 Ironic Ads From History – Remember when you could buy barbiturates for the baby? Cover your house with asbestos? Or get heroin from the doctor? Okay, probably not, but thanks to the immortal beauty of advertising, you can take a trip back in time. Here’s our pick of some of the most ironic ads in American history.

Today’s Free Downloads:

Web of Trust Rates Sites’ Reliability – This free Web browser add-in lets you share Web site ratings with the product’s five million users.

GridMove Brings Windows Snap to XP and Vista – Windows 7’s ability to “snap” a window into place comes to older versions of Microsoft’s OS with this free 1MB download.

Trillian Astra is ready to fly – Trillian Astra has finally, officially replaced Trillian 3, and the update makes the multi-protocol messaging program competitive once again.

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