Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 6, 2009

Firefox Director Talks Firefox 3.6, Tasks, and Competing with Chrome – Here’s what he had to say about future features, competition with Chrome, and keeping all of Firefox contributors in sync.

Fake ‘Blue Screen of Death’ pushing scareware Hackers are using the infamous Windows Blue Screen of Death to trick computer users into downloading fake security software (scareware).

Fake Microsoft patch malware campaign makes a comeback – Some of the subjects used in the campaign include Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook; Install Critical Update for Microsoft Outlook; and Microsoft Outlook Critical Update.

NiftyClicks: SpotRunner,WordPress, Blist, Google Insights – Here’s another batch of handy Web resources from our favorite maverick marketer, Andrew Lock. These practical tools can help you get more done and have more fun.

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Microsoft delivers near-final test build of Windows 7 XP Mode – Microsoft has made available to any and all interested testers the RC build of Windows 7’s XP Mode, an add-on designed to allow small/mid-size business users to run legacy Windows XP applications on Windows 7 using virtualization technologies.

Firefox Update Fixes Serious SSL, Other Bugs – A Firefox update fixes a recently disclosed flaw in the way Firefox 3.0 and other programs handle SSL certificates, which are used for (theoretically) secure online communications.

Does Obama want to tap your computer? – Rumors that Uncle Sam wants to use our own computers to spy on us are raging across the blogosphere.

Net attacks triple in 2 years – Cyberattacks on federal computer systems have increased by more than 250 percent over the last two years, according to data provided by the Homeland Security Department.

Automated updates: Why they may not be such a good ideaPeople are usually glad if computer applications are configured to update automatically, less to worry about. That may change. What if an attacker could hijack the update request and download malware instead of the update?

A killer Windows 7 bug? Sorry, no – The blogosphere is abuzz over a newly publicized bug in Windows 7. I read about it yesterday on Chris123NT’s blog, where it was described as a “critical bug in Windows 7 RTM.”

Kaspersky Security Network – Monthly Malware Statistics: July 2009

Off Topic:

Lifehacker: Cool Yourself Down for Better Sleep – Scientists say there’s an optimal temperature range for inducing your brain to get sleepy.

Top 10 Myths About the Romans – For many, the only exposure to Ancient Rome comes from what they have seen in the movies or on television. Unfortunately, films like Gladiator, Spartacus, Barabbas, and Demetrius and the Gladiators don’t present a very accurate depiction of life in Rome and the arena.

Brain Difference In Psychopaths Identified – Professor Declan Murphy and colleagues Dr Michael Craig and Dr Marco Catani from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London have found differences in the brain which may provide a biological explanation for psychopathy.

10 Historic Badasses – This is a list of 10 people who were badass enough to warrant mention purely for their ass-kicking skills… despite being, you know, dead.

Today’s Free Downloads:

SmillaEnlarger Enlarges Your Images without Artifacts – Enlarging images, especially from lower resolution source images, can be dicey business. Want to enlarge an image and you don’t want it to look like an 8-bit video game sprite? SmillaEnlarger can keep things smooth and artifact free.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker – Designed for advanced users (but worth a peek for ambitious novices), Ultimate Windows Tweaker gives you control over more than 130 Vista settings, all of them conveniently grouped into categories.

Hotspot Shield – Public networks (both wired and wireless) are great. After all, what would life be without connecting while at airports, hotels and coffee shops? However, the danger to your personal data exists even if you connect to a fee based open network.

Canto Pod – Canto Pod allows you to read and sing along to the lyrics of your favorite music, directly from your iPod or iTunes libraries. No more mumbleing or awkward humming along.

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  2. ‘Automated updates: Why they may not be such a good idea – People are usually glad if computer applications are configured to update automatically, less to worry about. That may change. What if an attacker could hijack the update request and download malware instead of the update?’

    I’ve always suspected this Bill.
    Btw, I the noticed your comment form security.