Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 4, 2009

Researchers: Conficker Still an Active Threat Over 5.5 million infected PC are still out there, but have the authors abandoned it? The dreaded Conficker botnet may have been an April Fools Day bust, but months later it is still an active threat according to security researchers.

Another Major Mac Computer Security Flaw Discovered – Many Mac owners live under the assumption that their computers will never be attacked. While that statement may hold some truth — most fail to understand why. Rather than realizing that the relatively safety is afforded by Apple’s still small market share, they believe that the security is somehow owing to an inherent security superiority in their operating system of choice, OS X, a sentiment echoed in Apple’s sarcasm-laden “Get a Mac” commercials.

Lawsuits Put Twitter, Amazon in Spotlight – What a litigious week it’s been! Sure, people get sued all the time — in tech, real estate, every industry. But this week brought a pair of cases that seem especially bizarre, even for today’s standards.

Mobile, Social Networks Threaten IT: Symantec – In its mid-year security update, Symantec warned that IT managers face both old threats and new. Malware purveyors continue to use e-mail as a vector of infection, and spam now accounts for 90 percent of all mail, but the bad guys are also using new technologies such as social media and new business methods such as scareware to spread their reach.

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Facebook Etiquette: 10 Rules for Better Socializing – There’s no shortage of ways to irritate friends on Facebook. We’ll help you avoid the biggest etiquette pitfalls with these expert tips.

Windows 7 Media Center Will Support Netflix – Microsoft announced this week that Netflix will be supported in Windows 7 Media Center.

Windows XP to Windows 7: It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride – Windows 7Microsoft’s decision to leave Windows XP users behind, with no easy upgrade path to Windows 7, is, possibly, the sole mistake of an otherwise pitch-perfect product development and launch campaign.

Viruses up 300%: More threats coming from India – The number of viruses sent over email has increased by 300 per cent in the last three months, according to Network Box. Analysis of Internet threats in July 2009 shows the number of viruses is at its highest so far this year, peaking at around 12 viruses per customer per hour.

An increasing number of these viruses (5.2%) are originating from India, which is the fourth largest source of Internet threats behind the US (16.59%), Brazil (14.11%) and Korea (6.2%). This is notable as it is the first time that such a significant proportion of the world’s Internet threats have originated from India.

How to Buy a Laptop for School – Looking for a laptop to get you through the next four (or so) years of school? We walk you step by step through the process.

Networking Basics: What’s a Firewall? – No doubt, you’ve heard the term “firewall” in regard to computing, but do you know what it is? When it comes to security, we should all be educated consumers, so this is an introduction to the basic concepts in protecting yourself with firewalls. Firewalls are not involved in data coming or going to the hard drive, a CD or DVD, or a directly attached USB flash drive. The domain of a firewall is the Ethernet network.

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Archbishop attacks Facebook and MySpace – The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England has voiced his concerns about social-networking sites “dehumanising” society.

A New York City woman who says she can’t find a job is suing the college where she earned a bachelor’s degree – Trina Thompson filed a lawsuit last week against Monroe College in Bronx Supreme Court. The 27-year-old is seeking the $70,000 she spent on tuition. Thompson says she’s been unable to find gainful employment since she received her information technology degree in ….

Body Science – What your food cravings mean.

The 101 Coolest Easter Eggs Hidden in Your Software, DVDs and Video Games – The Easter holiday may have already passed, but every day is an Easter-egg hunt for software, DVD and video-game sleuths. These nifty nuggets hold intentional hidden messages or features.

Amazing Wartime Facts from WWII – The first German serviceman killed in the war was killed by the Japanese (China, 1937) – The first American serviceman killed was killed by the Russians (Finland 1940) – The youngest US serviceman was 12 year old Calvin Graham, USN.

Brain Trust: 100 Ivy League Business & Entrepreneurship Courses You Can Take for Free – Just because you don’t have the deep pockets or stellar grades it takes to get into top tier schools doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same resources these establishments offer. Through open courseware programs, you can access course materials from a wide range of top universities.

Today’s Free Downloads: – This week, I have new additions to two popular Web sites to tell you about as well as a brand-new site those of you with little kids are going to love. First off, I’ve added new letterhead and business cards, including 10 matching sets of stationery and business cards, at

Secondly, I just launched yet another new site! For all you parents out there who give the Tooth Fairy a helping hand, there’s now

Top 8+1 Transformation Packs for Windows and Linux – Many of us are bored seeing the looks of Windows XP (although Vista has a better look), so the most common tendency is to change the look of XP using a transformation pack. Transformation pack allows you to change the look of XP to Vista, Mac OSX or Linux.

BumpTop – BumpTop makes the items on your computer’s desktop more like their real-world counterparts. Icons and folders are assigned a virtual weight based on the amount of memory they take up and their importance to you. You can move them by click-and-drag, or fling them across the BumpTop space.

The 5 best, free tools to remove junk files – Over the course of time, your computer gets accumulated with unwanted and unremoved junk files that are no longer necessary. These junk files remain unused by the operating system, but occupy much disk space.

DiskDigger – DiskDigger can recover files from any type of media that your computer can read. This includes USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, etc), and of course your hard drive. The types of files that it recovers include photos, videos, music, documents, and many other formats.

IcoFX – IcoFX is an award winning freeware icon editor. It is an all-in-one solution for icon creation, extraction and editing. It is designed to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh icons supporting transparency.

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