You’re in Luck – Perfect Defender 2009 License Key

Since this site gets so many Google hits from surfers looking for a free license key for Perfect Defender 2009 – more than 150 in the last few days alone, I just had to write this article.

If you ended up on this site looking for this free key, let me tell you – you’re damn lucky.

Here’s the scoop:


Perfect Defender 2009 is a rogue security application, and like all rogue security applications, Perfect Defender 2009 is a master at using Trojans, and fake advertising, to convince Internet users to install this rogue application.

The objective of Perfect Defender 2009, which is the objective of all Rogue Security Software, is to convince the victim to pay for the “full” version of the application in order to remove what are, in fact, false positives that this program is designed to display on the infected computer in various ways, including fake scan results, pop-ups and system tray notifications.

Rogue Security Software unfortunately, is generally very sophisticated and can write itself into multiple parts of the operating system, and in many cases, it can hide its files, registry entries, running process and services, making the infection difficult to find, and extremely difficult to remove.

If you have installed this parasitic application then you need to read Perfect Defender 2009 – 3 Removal Solutions, on this site.

One last thing: those individual who attempt to cheat software developers and distributors of their justified earnings, deserve everything they get – including massive malware infections!

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10 responses to “You’re in Luck – Perfect Defender 2009 License Key

  1. Dave Brooks

    That’s so sad it’s funny, looking for a key for a rogue malware app, just shows the state of knowledge many Windows users have in regards to the security of their PC, which obviously isn’t good.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Dave,

      You are so right. In the last year I’ve written on 20+ rogue apps, and every day there are multiple hits looking for a free key to these applications. Today, I decided to say something about it.

      Just to show you how crazy this is – this article had 34 hits in the first half hour after I posted it. Now that’s crazy.

      Always good to have a comment from a professional technician, such as you.


  2. those individual who attempt to cheat software developers and distributors of their justified earnings, deserve everything they get – including massive malware infections!

    That’s exactly what Googling for keycodes is.


    When I saw your title, I thought you were going to put up a (fake) code, and simply say, “enjoy” your debilitating infections.”
    But, I knew you would not do that.. those infected machines would then attack US.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey TechPaul,

      As I said to Dave, its great to have a professional technician comment on an important issue such as this.

      You’re right BTW. In my view, people like this aren’t much different than the cyber-crooks who are trying to cheat *them*. Too funny.


  3. PESfan

    Yeah, those rogue security applications really SUCK! Like Xp antivirus 2009, etc. My friend got this one, and he was forced to do a format to remove it! That’s because he didn’t read your article…

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  5. Enliang

    Thank you, sir. I used Malware bytes’s antimalware to delete. It seems everything is OK now.

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    what is Perfect defender 2009 . License Key?