Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – July 19, 2009

Touch-screen features in Windows 7 – As we wait for the Windows 7 code to get locked down, take a tour of what Microsoft’s highly-anticipated operating system will offer for touch-screen users. Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, they’re coming–even to affordable Netbooks.

Signed Malware Coming To A Phone Near You? – Conventional wisdom has it that mobile platforms like PDAs and mobile phones are safer from malware attacks, one reason being the relatively closed nature of such platforms. In some platforms, such as newer versions of the Symbian OS, this is enforced in part by mandatory code signing.

A Look At Our Newest Addiction – Two recent events have reminded me to ponder the social implications of Internet Addiction– one, the power (once again) went out for a lengthy duration here at T4E Headquarters; and, two, my nephew’s father wanted to take him for his first fishing trip.

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Lessons from Twitter’s security breach – Information taken from the hacking of some of Twitter’s employees a few months ago is finally coming to light. Can this happen to other companies?

Panda Cloud Antivirus in Beta2 – If you are currently running the Beta1 version ( of Panda Cloud Antivirus on your PC you are most likely being alerted that it is set to expire.

Symbian admits Trojan slip-up – The Symbian Foundation has acknowledged that its process for keeping malicious applications off Symbian OS-based phones needs improvement, after a Trojan horse program passed a security test.

Off Topic:

Lifehacker: Top 10 DIY Projects that Harness the Power of the Sun – Cheap, powerful, and available almost everywhere—solar energy is a truly great thing. With these 10 sun-powered projects, you can turn a sunny day off into some brag-worthy, possibly money-saving backyard tech.

The future of capitalism in five minutes: meaning-driven business in fast times – Like the pope and his archbishop, economist Umar Haique argues that we need to re-boot capitalism. And like Reinhard Marx, he focuses on a re-definition of “capital.” His concept of “constructive capitalism,” however, is more radical than the social market economy solution Marx proposes.

The Swift Rise of IM in the Workplace – Gartner, Inc., a leading information technology research and advisory company, recently predicted that 95% of global enterprise workers will use instant messaging (IM) as their primary method of real-time communication by 2013.

How to Give Constructive Criticism – Employees sometimes need to hear about the ways in which they can improve their work, but it’s important to offer constructive rather than destructive criticism. What’s the difference? If you’ve delivered constructive criticism, the employee will walk away from the critiquing session energized and enthusiastic, ready to improve habits and skills.

Today’s Free Downloads:

PDF-to-Word – Using our PDF-to-Word conversion technology, you can quickly and easily create editable DOC/RTF files, making it a cinch to re-use PDF content in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect. Best of all, it’s entirely free!

Lifehacker Pack 2009: Essential Free Windows DownloadsWe feature downloads of all kinds every day at Lifehacker. Today, however, we’re bundling all the best free downloads for new computer owners, re-installers, would-be geeks, or anyone who wants to save time installing the best stuff out there. This is our 2009 Lifehacker Pack for Windows computers.

Convert to PDFdoPDF6.2 installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To convert to PDF, you just have to print the document to doPDF, the free pdf converter.

Roll your own Adobe CS3 for free – So, you need to finish up a design project that requires the image-editing capabilities of Photoshop along with the vectorized lines of Illustrator, and it needs to be animated in Flash with documentation in a PDF. However, you blew your budget on bling and a sweet alpaca-skin bongo set.

Take your head out of the microwave. There is indeed a way to save your project and your wallet from the $2,500 price tag of Adobe Creative Suite 3. You just have to be a bit…creative.

Advanced SystemCare Free 3.3.4 – This utility offers a one-stop-shop for cleaning and maintaining your computer for better overall system performance. The interface is very simple, featuring only a few buttons, which makes it easy to get down to cleaning immediately (in fact, it automatically runs on start-up) and doesn’t confuse you with multiple steps.

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  5. ‘Lessons from Twitter’s security breach – Information taken from the hacking of some of Twitter’s employees a few months ago is finally coming to light. Can this happen to other companies?’

    I think Techcrunch gave the best and most detailed account of this incident.

    • Bill Mullins

      Yes, Techcrunch generally deals with this type of issue in a through way. Thanks for your input pochp.


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