Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – July 10, 2009

Apple plugs dangerous Safari security holesApple has released Safari 4.0.2 to fix a pair of security flaws that could lead to cross-site scripting or remote code execution attacks. The vulnerabilities affect Safari for Windows (XP and Vista) and Mac OS X.

Transmitter.C mobile malware spreading in the wild – Researchers from NetQin Tech. are reporting on a newly discovered mobile malware variant (Transmitter.C) distributed through a modified version of legitimate mobile application. Upon execution, the malware attempts to automatically spread by SMS-ing hundreds of messages linking to a web site.

Chrome OS: Rusty by 2010? – After reading the few Chrome OS details that Google smartly dropped just weeks before Microsoft announces the RTM of Windows 7, I’ve got a few doubts about the search giant’s entry into the operating-system game. It’s also telling that many Google fans assume Microsoft is standing still.

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Lifehacker: Google Maps Location Finder Pinpoints You in Chrome and Firefox – While mobile users have been able to rely on Google Maps to pinpoint their locations for some time, starting today Google Chrome 2.0 and Mozilla FireFox 3.5 users will also be able to locate their positions from their browsers.

How To Wire Your House with Cat 5e – Think wiring your own home is too big a job for you? Maybe not. ExtremeTech has your step-by-step guide which makes it seem, if not easy, reasonable.

Trafficking in Michael Jackson – The news of Michael Jackson’s death and subsequent coverage of his memorial service brought the Internet to a crawl and saturated even the most robust of content delivery networks. Have we learned anything about unplanned media streaming and how to prepare for it?

Microsoft Vulnerability Targeted in New Drive-by Attack – Hackers are launching attacks against an unpatched vulnerability in the Microsoft Video ActiveX Control that could allow an attacker to take full control over the system. When using Internet Explorer, code execution is remote and requires no user interaction, Microsoft says.

How Useful is the Windows Experience Index? – You’ve seen the number. If you install Vista for the first time or do a bit of digging, you’ll see a series of numbers related to how well your PC can handle Windows and what kind of experience you’ll have, based on the components your PC uses. It’s interesting, but is it really useful and truly predictive?

Today’s Downloads:

Double Killer – DoubleKiller searches for duplicate files by comparing any combination of name, size, modification date, and content.

Deep Burner – Every possible CD/DVD burning format is supported DeepBurner supports all certified formats for burning CDs/DVDs thus allowing you to create audio, video, data, archive, etc., CDs and DVDs with just one program.

AssaultCubeAssaultCube offers some solid free fun. If you’re looking for a straightforward shootem-up, give it a try.

Motherboard Monitor – Is your PC getting toasty? Is your CPU getting charred and your motherboard melting? This free program monitors and reports on the temperatures inside your PC case using the built-in sensors on the processor and motherboard.

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