System Security Scareware – Infection Removal Instructions

Wondering how to remove System Security malware? Kristopher Dukes of shows you how.

image System Security is the latest scareware hungry for your dough. System Security poses as a fake video codec – oops, you didn’t need that to see Rihanna naked – to get into your machine.

Once System Security gets cozy, it wastes no time telling you that your computer is infected with all sorts of imaginary badware it’ll gladly remove if you just buy the “full” – or “fool”? – version of System Security.


You probably already know that the only thing System Security removes is cash from your pocket.  But if you’re wondering…

Am I infected with System Security?

System Security is a shameless scam that’ll do anything to get your attention. It’s virtually impossible to be infected with System Security and not know it. If you see any System Security popups on your machine, you’re infected.

System Security won’t let me do anything in Windows!

Some versions of System Security block you from using Windows. Have you started up your computer, and all you see is a System Security window? There’s not even a Windows task bar at the bottom? Try these instructions.  If you’re lucky enough to still have your Windows task bar, skip to #3.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  This will either bring up Windows Task Manager or a menu,  in which case click the Windows Task Manager button.

1. In the top right corner, click File > New Task (Run…).  In the box type in Explorer.exe and click OK.

2. You should now have your Windows Task Bar back.   Press Windows Key + R and when the Run box appears, type msconfig and click OK.  Uncheck Load Startup Items and click OK.  A message will pop up prompting you to restart your computer.  Do it.  Your computer will restart, minus the System Security popups.

3. Go to your Program Files folder on your C drive and delete the System Security folder.

4. That’s it! You’ve removed the bulk of System Security from your computer.  You can visit my blog for details to remove System Security 4.52 files.  You should also run a trusted anti-badware scanner to check your machines for other infections – you probably have some. Yep, thanks for the Trojan, System Security.

I removed System Security, but I can’t use the Internet.

Some versions of System Security mess with your Internet connection – your connection is actually okay, but System Security will change some of your browser’s settings. If you’re using Internet Explorer…

1. Launch Internet Explorer.  At the top of the window, click Tools > Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options box, make sure your home page is right.  If System Security has changed it, type in the correct address.  If you don’t know your home page address or you are unsure if it’s your proper home page not, click the home page box and type

3. Click the Connections tab and press the LAN Settings button, which is just above the Cancel button.

4. Make sure Automatically Detect Settings is ticked, and that Proxy Server isn’t checked.  Click OK twice, and exit Internet Explorer.

5. Relaunch Internet Explorer and your home page should appear.  You can now surf the net.

Guest Writer: This is a guest post by Kristopher Dukes of – an invaluable asset in the battle against malware. Kris’ site is one of the best I’ve found that helps users identify, and then deal with scareware related issues. Pay a visit to, and I’m convinced you’ll become a regular visitor.


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  2. Larry

    cmnd.exe disabled,safe mode disabled,windows not responding, infection seems to get worse the more i try.