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The information in this article is now outdated (November 1, 2009). It’s now free to try – Download of new drivers is only upon subscriptions. $29.95 to buy.

Just a few days ago I reviewed DriverMax, a free driver backup/download utility, which several readers later pointed out had been crippled by the developer in the latest release. The program now allows only 2 driver downloads per 24 hour period. Limiting functionality in such a way is a counter productive move, in my view.

Contrast that developer decision with the decision of RadarSync Ltd., who did the reverse in releasing their paid update, backup, and download software, PC Updater, as freeware. As I said, “different strokes for different folks”.

I don’t normally recommend software until I have had an opportunity to thoroughly test it, including trying to break it, but in this case, based on the experience of one of my readers , Don N., I’ll make a one time exception.

Let me offer you this quote from Don N.

“Bill, I just installed RadarSync2009 (updated) and it works GREAT! Simple installation with no crappola … couldn’t believe how many outdated drivers I had!

It also allowed me to connect directly to each site for the updates, and also those sites that I had relevant programs. Updates were done without the usual site by site hassles and the installations completed without a hitch”.

That sounds like a pretty good recommendation to me. Thank you Don.


From the developer:

Updates both software and device drivers.

RadarSync`s award-winning software helps you update, backup, download and discover tons of software.

Find and download the latest updates for your computer drivers and applications. Create software Packs to backup your software.

Browse the software playlists of over 2 million community members to discover tons of new, free software.

RadarSync downloads and installs your updates, Packs, and the new software you discover in one easy click – anytime, from any computer!

Protect your PC from security threats – Avoid common computer problems – Easily restore your computer from your backup Packs.

Displays both up-to-date and out of date items – Notifies user when crucial applications are missing – Revised Help files and on screen help.


System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Vista 64 bit

Download at: RadarSync


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  6. robert h

    I downloaded RadarSync and found the following:
    1. lots of ads popping up while using it, usually just small size ones that did not time out
    2. lots of warnings about installing an update, giving me the impression that something might not really be needed, or even harmful to do, e.g. updating an Intel graphics card that could impact my computer if not the correct version, I ended up printing out a 5 page notepad warning from Intel if I chose to use the particular update, which I decided not to do based on the info given.
    3. choice to set a restore point every time is probably essential to do out of uncertainty
    4. links to find more info about a suggested updated do not open up in the link without more work to transfer the information, and it confused me to the point I just didn’t do it
    5. My impression is that many items that are identified as necessary to update may not really be appropriate for my system and/or can more easily be done at the time of using a particular app the next time

  7. rickoh

    You should try radarsync…..when you open it…do a scan….find the drivers you need to update…..then you have to give them your credit card number to download any driver….so please remove the word ‘free’ from your article.


  8. rickoh

    oh…and it also changes your icons on your addybar too….