Download Free System Protect – Stop Accidental File Deletions

image In many cases it’s possible to recover deleted files using file recovery software, but not always. Besides, isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

Last year a friend’s teenage sons deleted all of the family photos to make room on the Hard Drive so that they could download a peer to peer movie. Luckily, I had persuaded him earlier that all important data on his computer needed to be backed up regularly. I should point out, that it took some real arm twisting on my part to convince him that data backup is essential.

Another Solution

Nothing of course, beats a regularly scheduled incremental back up plan, but there is a freeware solution to prevent the accidental deletion of data from your computer in the first place.


System Protect is a free, easy-to-use application that helps keep your operating system stable, and protects important programs, documents and files from deletion caused by viruses, other users on your computer such as your children, or even your own mistakes.

Quick Facts:

File & Folder Protection – Prevents deletion of important files, programs and documents

Protection of Selected Files – Lets you choose files and folders to be protected. This ensures that a virus, other people working with your computer or even you, won’t delete an important document, your favorite photos, music, movies or other files

Increased Operating System Stability – Protects essential system files to keep your operating system stable

Deletion Attempt Notification – Notifies you of any attempt to delete any of the protected files

Protection for All Users – Ensures protection for all computer users; administrator or restricted user

Works without Distracting You – Silently protects your computer without interrupting your work

Deny Mode – Automatically block deletion of any protected file

Since mistakes are inevitable on a computer, this neat little program could be just the thing you need to reduce the chances of having to deal with that unrecoverable error.

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2 responses to “Download Free System Protect – Stop Accidental File Deletions

  1. Speaking with my computer tech’s hat on, I would like to say that if everyone were to follow your recommendations, I would get a LOT fewer frantic calls for help.

    When dealing with computers, IS an “ounce of prevention” really worth a “pound of cure”??? Oh, yes!
    Often, there is no cure except a reformat and re-install Windows. (Bye bye files.)

    I hope people are listening Mr. Mullins. It is not easy being the guy who has to say, “I’m sorry Mr. Jones…”

    • Bill Mullins

      Tech Paul,

      Old “truisms” always have value. That’s how they got to be “old truisms”, I suspect. LOL.

      Thanks for your comment.