Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 27, 2009

ZDNet Readers’ Choice: Top 25 free, lightweight apps – In February, I asked ZDNet readers for the free, lightweight applications they simply can’t live without. After tallying the suggestions in comments and via e-mail — and there were an awful lot of good suggestions, believe me — here are the 25 most popular.

Google Voice – Google Voice wants to be the center of your voice communications. The Web-based service combines a lot of things: a permanent follow-around phone number; voice mail with transcriptions; and text messaging, to name a few.

Pay Per Click Autoclickers- There’s quite a few autoclickers around at the moment (programs that will attempt to cheat pay per click networks) – thankfully the majority seem to be fairly unreliable. Like this one.

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Email ‘bomb’ program warning – Anyone tempted to download an email ‘bombing’ program that will inundate other surfers with unwanted emails has been warned they could become a victim themselves.

Michael Jackson spam campaign – Email Spammers are using Michael Jackson’s death to gain personal information from surfers. Just hours after the tragic news of the star’s untimely end, many surfers have received emails which claim to have “vital information” about Jackson’s death.

Boxee – Boxee set the standard that Hulu Desktop and YouTube XL followed by giving users a keyboard- and mouse-free way to view online content on your television. Boxee, however, does much more. You can also use it to browse videos, music, and pictures on your computer; stream Netflix; and even watch Major League Baseball games. Results in on Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 –, a German testing organization known for thorough testing of anti-malware products, has issued their first test results of the just-released Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

Michael Jackson death slows web – Michael Jackson The news of Michael Jackson’s death saw major websites such as Google and Twitter struggle to deal with volumes of traffic.

Firefox 3.5 final prepped to ship early next week – The Mozilla team made available another release candidate of Firefox 3.5 last night. But RC3 is of little interest. What’s most exciting is news that Firefox 3.5 will ship early next week.

Windows 7 pricing announced – Windows 7 Microsoft has announced pricing information for the Windows 7 operating system which is due to launch on 22 October.

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