Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 26, 2009

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Antivirus App – Less than 24 hours after offering up a beta version of its new free Microsoft Security Essentials application, Microsoft has pulled the plug. Microsoft says it has enough users in the beta program.

Secure E-Mail with Open Source Software – Even if you’re not sending industrial secrets out in your everyday e-mail, there might be plenty of things you’d rather not have winging around in the clear.

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CrashPlan: Automatic Online Backup – No buttons to push or CDs to burn. Simply install CrashPlan and it quietly runs in the background protecting your files without slowing you down.

Virus-Proof Your Mac – Believing that you’re immune from viral threats simply because you’re a Mac will land you in a world of digital hurt. Malware threats, including the first botnet operating on infected Mac OS X machines, are on the rise. We look at the best tools to fight them.

Tech I Hate – Yes, I love technology, but there are some things about it that get under my skin–way under it. This is my list of the 12 biggest offenders. Ringtones, I’m looking at you.

Power Management Changes in Windows 7 – Microsoft has done much to make Windows 7 all the things that Vista should have been, but perhaps one of the least heralded improvements is in power management. Windows 7 includes a host of enhancements that change how the OS interacts with hardware to make the most of the power going to your home PC and of what you use when you’re on the road with your laptop.

Google Down Briefly in China as Quarrel Grows – Chinese officials claim the search leader spreads obscene content, while the U.S. calls for China to drop its “Green Dam” filter plan.

VirtualBox: Repair Tool of the Week – VirtualBox is a free virtualization product which allows you to run another operating from within your current one.

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