Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 25, 2009

Microsoft Security Essentials: The First Test Results Are In – The biggest question on everyone’s minds with regard to Microsoft Security Essentials is how well it can detect and remove malware.

EnhanceMyVista Free – Windows 7 has an excellent taskbar feature: When you mouse over a taskbar icon, you get a pop-up thumbnail preview of the corresponding program (if it’s running, that is). To get the same effect in Vista only, install EnhanceMyVista Free.

Dvorak: FTC Is Ready to Pounce on Dishonest Bloggers – Cranky geek John C. Dvorak wants to know if the Federal Trade Commission has anything better to do than exposing conflicts of interest on blogs and Twitter?

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How do I … remote desktop to a Windows XP PC from Windows Vista? – Microsoft Windows Vista adds several layers of system security above and beyond what was used in Windows XP. In general, that is a good thing. However, those added layers of security sometimes interfere with an end user’s experience.

Chrome security patch issued – Google has issued a critical security patch for Chrome in order to prevent surfers’ PCs from being hacked.

Spotting the Antivirus Rogue – Check out a short guide from Sunbelt Software to help identity a favorite bad guy scam job.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Want a Blu-ray Player? – Blu-ray may have won the war against HD-DVD, but American consumers aren’t exactly warming to the high-definition disc format.

SecureZip: More than just data compression – SecureZip is a cut above other feature-rich compression utilities for one simple reason. PKware developers have figured out how to make digital signing and asymmetric encryption simple to use.

Anti-malvertising campaign hailed – A campaign by Google to rid the web of adverts that lead to malware has been praised.

Stolen Medical Records Equal Big Bucks – Medical identity theft, like its more mundane, purely financial cousin, is all about cashing in. A digital black market for the fraudulent use of stolen health data is thriving.

Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter account hijacked, pushes Windows and Mac malware – The Twitter account belonging to venture capitalist and Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki was hijacked yesterday and used to push malware to some 140,000 Twitter users.


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  1. Once again, a super list today!

    I have no idea how popular your (relatively) new Daily Net News feature is proving to be, but I would like to say that I have come to rely on it, and I very much hope that you will continue to provide this excellent service to your readers!

  2. Yes, fully agree. I don’t usually follow any blogs at all but am beginning to rely upon Bill’s for my daily I.T. news update. Generally always something interesting or worth installing.

    Keep up the good work Bill.

  3. Chrome security patch issued – Google has issued a critical security patch for Chrome in order to prevent surfers’ PCs from being hacked.

    Very useful for me since Chrome is now my primary browser now. Thanks again Bill.