Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 13, 2009

Is Twitter Dead? Who Killed It? – Statistics about Twitter usage show a far different picture than the media hype suggests. Why did Twitter jump the shark?

Got a PC from 2001? Windows 7 just might run on it I tested a below-spec PC with the latest version of Windows and saw surprising results.

Nifty Clicks: Xobni, SBA, Acrobat Alternative and FixPicture – Andrew Lock, host of Help! My Business Sucks, shares more cool online tools that make your life a bit easier and help you get more out of your work day.

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Twitter attacks will continue – The recent attacks on the Twitter micro-blogging site will continue for the foreseeable future, security experts have predicted.

Surfers can’t spot phishing sites – Nine out of 10 surfers can’t tell the difference between a genuine website and a fraudulent one, according to research.

Microsoft prepares Morro release – Morro, the new free anti-virus software suite from Microsoft, will be made available soon from its website.

Firefox update squashes 9 security bugs, 4 critical – Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox browser that plugs nine security holes, four of which are rated “critical,” the foundation’s highest vulnerability level.

10 flagrant grammar mistakes that make you look stupid – If you want to craft an error-free message that reflects your professionalism, be on the lookout for these common grammatical slip-ups.

32 online tools that can help your tech freelancing career – While the success of freelancing is largely determined by the freelancer’s ability to market himself or herself, there are a number of great online tools that can make the day-to-day elements a little easier.


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3 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 13, 2009

  1. The Twitter attacks is easily predictable.
    I wonder now how unsafe are Twitter pings on our pc’s.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Pochp,

      I agree, Twitter is just too convenient not to be part of a cyber-criminals attack objectives.


  2. Right Bill.
    What’s the use of Twitter helping us against terrorism for meanwhile yet in the end we’ll all be infected with malwares! What a laugh.