Tech Thoughts Net News – June 5, 2009

Microsoft’s Bing Dinged for Porn Access – An Internet filtering company claims the new Microsoft search engine makes it too easy to access pornography.

Microsoft Will Offer Windows 7 Upgrade with Vista, Announces Server Launch – Microsoft emphasized locked-in release dates for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and indicated that those consumers purchasing a system with Windows Vista will have the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 7 as part of the original deal.

FTC shuts down notorious botnet ISP – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has shut down a U.S.-based Internet Service Provider for recruiting, hosting and actively participating in the distribution of spam, child pornography, and other harmful electronic content.

Scareware Arrives on Twitter in Latest Attack – Be careful of links in Twitter. The latest malware attack on the social network links to a video hosted on a site that installs scareware as victims watch the video.

Microsoft Squashing Six Critical “June Bugs” in IE, Windows, and Office Apps – The software maker said today that it deliver a total of ten patches next week, which is about average for a Patch Tuesday. Six of the 10, however, are rated critical.

Dress rehearsal for Opera 10 beta – Opera 10 beta is the latest incarnation of a browser that currently lags in sixth place in terms of market share, according to Net Applications. With just 0.72 percent, it trails Internet Explorer (65.5 percent), Firefox (22.5 percent), Safari (8.43 percent), Chrome (1.8 percent) and Netscape (0.74 percent).

Drive-By Attacks vs. Social Engineering – Scary reports have been in the press recently of thousands of compromised web sites attacking PCs. How many? 20,000, 30,000, even 40,000 web sites have been reported as hacked for this purpose.

The HTML served by the web sites is changed by the attackers to include attack code against clients, specifically “drive-by” attack code so that they may not even notice the attack. As with most phishing sites, these web pages are legitimate web sites, innocent victims as much as the clients they attack.

Sun Delivers New Release of OpenSolaris – At its CommunityOne event, Sun Microsystems introduced a new version of its OpenSolaris operating system, the OpenSolaris 2009.06 operating system.

Attack Targets Microsoft Outlook Users – A new kind of phishing e-mail found by Trend Micro tries to trick the user into disclosing their e-mail server and account information.

AMD Introduces Phenom II, Athlon II Dual-Core Processors – To its Athlon and Phenom processor lines AMD has added the Athlon II X2, its fastest Athlon processor, and the Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition, its fastest dual-core yet. Both focus on energy and pricing and offer benefits with Microsoft Windows 7, which AMD suggests puts it a step ahead of competitor Intel.

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