Portable Browsing with TheWorld Browser

Guest writer Rick Robinette introduces you to TheWorld Browser – checkout why.

For those who may not know what a web browser is, it is simply a software application, such as Internet Explorer, that is specifically crafted for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the internet. Many computer users do not realize that there are other browser options out there, other than Internet Explorer; the most popular being Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera (to name a few).

Recently I have been on the hunt for a good portable version of a browser to run from my flash drive. I have tried and used extensively the portable versions of the most popular browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Chrome; however, I found that after long periods of usage (from the flash drive), the browsers would start to bog down and/or errors would start to develop.

Sometimes we get so locked into what is popular and forget that there are other options. It was at this point I starting looking outside that circle of “popular browsers” for something different. During that hunt, I tried and tested many (such as Maxthon, Browzar, QtWeb). I eventually came across a browser called “TheWorld Browser” that not only caught my eye, but has performed beautifully from my flash drive. As a matter of fact, the more I use it, the more I like it.

TheWorld Browser

TheWorld Browser is a “fast, safe and easy way to browse the web” that has features that many of the other browsers do not.  TheWorld Browser is dependent on the Internet Explorer engine, and is guaranteed to be 100% malware free.  This app is small in size (1.4 MB) and, in my opinion, is very fast to the draw…  If you are looking for an Internet Explorer replacement on your PC or a browser to carry with you on your flash drive, I say give this browser a try!

TheWorld Browser

Publisher’s Description

Multi-threaded frame.
TheWorld Browser version 2.0 is among the first multi-threaded frame browser in the world (the first is Internet Explorer 7.0), the multi-threaded window frame can prevent the web pages from freezing.

Intelligent Ad blocking + Blacklist filter.
TheWorld can block popup ad. and float ad. automatically.
TheWorld can block popups and float ads automatically. You can also use a blacklist to filter ads. The blacklist filter works from lower level of HTTP protocol, with regular expression so that you can filter out anything you want.

Web page mute.
TheWorld is the first browser that can disable a web page’s sound with one click.

Powerful Tools
Powerful Tools Built in tools like: Flash filter, unlock page script limited, zoom, Proxy quick switching, Auto complete, Quick media saver, Privacy guard, Mouse gestures, Custom hotkeys and Drag & drop support, make TheWorld one of the most powerful browsers around.

TheWorld Browser has built-in safe guards that will protect you while surfing.

Built-in Download Manager.
Which consists of multi-thread download, resumable download, with intuitive download management.

Skins and plugins.
TheWorld Browser supports skins and plugins, we have hundreds of skins and plugins to customize the way you browse. TheWorld has native support for Internet Explorer’s plugins as well.

TheWorld Browser uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer engine and will run on Windows 98/me/2000/XP/Vista.

This is a guest post by Rick Robinette, who brings a background as a security/police officer professional, and as an information technology specialist to the Blogging world.

Why not pay a visit to Rick’s site at What’s On My PC. Like me, you’re sure to become a frequent visitor.


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10 responses to “Portable Browsing with TheWorld Browser

  1. You’ve found a gem again Rick.
    Thank a lot. Same to Bill.

  2. Nice find I love checking out different browsers and this thing seems very fast, and I use Chrome as my primary browser on my machines and it compares very well. Thanks for the post.

  3. Ramblinrick

    Bill, Mark, and Pochp,

    I have putting TheWorld Browser to the test and it is awesome. I especially use it on my flash drive at work. I agree with Mark, it is fast!


  4. Ramblinrick


    I am curious how your test drive will turn out…


    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Rick,

      Very impressive Browser. Starts fast and stays fast. In fact, it’s probably the fastest Browser I’ve used in years.

      I’ve spent so much time customizing my FireFox setup, that it would now take an atomic bomb to move me away from it. I intend to test WorldBrowser thoroughly though, and will use it several times a day customizing it as I go along. You never know – even an old FireFox diehard like me, can be moved for the right reasons.

      Thanks again Rick, for you’re terrific article on this.


  5. Ramblinrick


    I know what you mean… I’m Firefox and Chrome… TheWorld browser is a good sub for Internet Explorer… One neat feature is the “full screen” mode.


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