Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – May 30, 2009

Panda Security launches the new Beta of Panda Global Protection 2010, its most complete security solution – Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has released a beta version of Panda Global Protection 2010, it’s most complete anti-malware suite for home users. This beta version is available here.

Obama Moves Cybersecurity into the White House – President Obama today unveiled a broad-ranging plan to shore up the nation’s digital infrastructure, pledging to elevate cybersecurity on the national security agenda and establish an office in the White House to coordinate efforts across the various agencies.

Microsoft Warns of DirectShow Vulnerability – Microsoft is reporting that a vulnerability in DirectShow, a framework for playing various media types, is being exploited in the wild in some versions of Windows.

Stupid way to end piracy – The file itself comes with a Winamp icon on it, so it looks like a regular mp3 file to the user. When the file is clicked it modifies some registry entries related to WinLogon ….

Panda Security’s weekly report on viruses and intruders – Real-time information and resources to stay safe from virus attacks.

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