Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – May 29, 2009

Microsoft to patch new DirectX hole – Microsoft on Thursday said it is working on a security patch for a vulnerability in its DirectX streaming media technology in Windows that could allow someone to take complete control of a computer using a maliciously crafted QuickTime file.

McAfee Airs First Episode Of Cybercrime Series – The Business of Hacking You” exposes techniques used by international cybercriminals.

IM account info found online – Crime Security firm Symantec has warned that information relating to instant-messaging accounts such as email addresses and passwords can be easily found online.

Bing search engine launched – Bing is promising to give relevant information with features including Best Match, which identifies the best result for popular queries and Instant Answers, which provides quick results in the body of the first search results page.

Tech Insight: How To Protect Your Organization From Malicious Insiders – New report offers insights on how to keep the bad apples from spoiling your company’s whole barrel of data.

90 percent of e-mail is spam, Symantec says – Spammers seem to be working a little bit harder these days, according to Symantec, which reported Tuesday that unsolicited e-mail made up 90.4 percent of messages on corporate networks last month.


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4 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – May 29, 2009

  1. At least on corporate networks spam, they can easily detect which concerns their business.
    What’s dangerous are personal spams. Hard to guess which. I wonder if ever a program can be made which automatically detects spam.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Pochp,

      Anti spam applications do a relatively good job of identifying spam. It’s the end user clicking on dangerous links, that’s the problem.

      Stop – Think – Click are not just 3 unrelated words strung together – it’s a necessary course of action while surfing the Internet. Common sense has to rule.


  2. Wow Bill,

    It’s nice to see you getting philosophical. HA HA!
    I’d like to say ‘common sense has to rule’ in everything FIRST. Right on sir.