Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – May 28, 2009

The Web’s most dangerous keywords to search forWhich is the most dangerous keyword to search for using public search engines these days? It’s “screensavers” with a maximum risk of 59.1 percent, according to McAfee’s recently released report “The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms“.

Correcting the Rhetoric: Windows Vista Is Secure – Windows Vista has come under fire for not being as secure as some would like. But is that criticism really fair?

Adware Stalks Torrents, Social Networks – Just as malware attacks have saturated nearly every element of online content distribution, adware continues to follow suit.

Energizer Malware Keeps Going and Going – Analysis: How do you fix a machine with malware so entrenched in the OS that nothing can remove it?

ID Theft Use of Credit Cards Leaps – ID theft victims are much more likely to get hit with fraudulent charges on their credit cards or debit cards, according to a new study from the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Twitter worm warning issued – Twitter members have been advised to watch out for a scam that claims to help you get more followers.

Gumblar Virus Becoming A Major Threat – Never heard of the Gumblar virus? Nor have most people, but it’s rapidly becoming a major threat to PC users.

Do you know how security savvy you are? – The “Ask Dr. Greene” website provides users with an opportunity to take the Security Savvy in response to increasing concern that the “digitally active,” are easy targets for cyber-criminals.


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