Free Antivirus – Download PC Tools Free Edition 6

I have to admit, PC Tools is one of my favorite software developers. Currently, on my Windows 7 RC machine, I am running PC Tools Firewall Plus (free edition – checkout tomorrows posts for a review of this application), ThreatFire (free edition), and Spyware Doctor (free edition) – this last one as a secondary malware scanner.

I think you can gather from this that I am a devotee of both freeware and open source software. No kidding, huh?

I’m always heartened by good corporate citizens like PC Tools (one of the best), who offer free versions of their outstanding products to the Internet community, in an effort to keep all of us safer than we might otherwise be.

So, when I decided to test drive PC Tools Free AntiVirus, I was expecting to have the same great experience I have had with the various other free tools available from this security provider. I was not disappointed.

PC Tools Free AntiVirus has an excellent reputation (shared by me), as a first class security application, based on it’s ability to detect, quarantine, disinfect and destroy Viruses, Trojans and Worms.

Having tested virtually all of the major antivirus applications, and updates, over the last several years, I’m comfortable recommending the free version of this application as a front line antivirus defender. In the time I have been testing PC Tools Free AntiVirus on my test bed systems, I have been very impressed with its performance.

This strong antivirus program offers all of it’s comprehensive protection within an easy to use interface and it should meet, and even exceed, all of your requirements.


Quick facts:

Virus, worm, Trojan protection – Protects your PC as you are working, surfing and playing

Scan and Remove – Detects, quarantines, disinfects and destroys Viruses, Trojans and Worms

Smart Updates – Automatically checks for frequent updates against the latest threats

IntelliGuard™ Protection – IntelliGuard™ protects your computer against threats in real-time

– File Guard

– Email Guard

FREE. No catches, limitations or time-limits.

If you’re looking for a free antivirus application that’s easy to navigate, and one that takes the worry out of updating the definition database, then PC Tools Free Edition 6 is worth considering.

System Requirements: Windows – Vista 32-bit, XP, 2000

Download at: PC Tools


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16 responses to “Free Antivirus – Download PC Tools Free Edition 6

  1. Jeanne Delormier

    I’m considering whether to install PC Tools Antivirus as an additional tool on my 32bit Vista machine & would appreciate current feedback on any issues. Big fan of free protection ware – have used Threatfire for over a year & it is terrific. Also have Avast 4.8 on my machine, plus run Ad-Aware and Spybot on demand, and once in a while Windows Defender since I can’t figure out how to remove it anyway although I’ve never seen it catch anything, ever.
    My concern: Is PC Tools Antivirus compatible with the other tools mentioned, in particular Avast? I know there used to be some problems with running Avast & Threatfire, although I’ve never had a problem with either of them and have had them both for well over a year.
    I used Norton & McAfee in the past and decided they were slow, memory hogs, expensive and constantly missed current threats so removed all remnants of them – good riddance!
    Any conflicts that you are aware with adding Antivirus from PC Tools? Thanks!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Jeanne,

      You seem to be a very competent computer user, and you are obviously aware that running two antimalware/antivirus applications at one time, is generally not recommended. Better than that though, you realize the benefit of scanning with more than one tool to ensure your machine is free of infection. Kudos to you!

      I must admit, I have always made it a practice, when running an on demand virus scanner, to temporarily shut down my principal antivirus application. This always seemed the prudent thing to do in order to avoid even a hint of a conflict. As well, I generally physically disconnect from the net while doing this. Paranoia gets the best of me in this type of situation, and old habits are hard to break. LOL

      I recommend that you do the same. It seems to me, that caution always wins out in the end.


  2. g

    i’m bummed threatfire won’t run on x64.

    any recommendations for a substitute?

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Glenn,

      You’re one up on me dude, since you went x64. I checked around, including some of the 64 bit forums, and couldn’t find a thing.

      I’ll keep my eyes open though.

      How’s the new superbox doing – I’ll bet you’re loving it.


  3. whatsonmypc


    All I can say is, “excellent writeup” on this… This is definitely a top contender with the other free AV’s out there… I’m now thinking of putting this on my main machine…



    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks for the support on this Rick.

      Happy to see you agree with the review. PC Tools have some great free apps.


  4. Glenn, Bill
    I think it has to do with Microsoft s policy on kernel modification in 64bit OS’s. I’d expect a lot of security tools will break when 64 bit becomes common place. The upside is, that hopefully you won’t need as much protection with a 64 bit OS. Microsoft originally was going to draw the line with 32 bit Vista. But Symantec and some of the other vendors complained before Vista went gold, and MS caved. They’ve drawn the line with 64 bit however and I’m not well versed enough to understand how one AV such as Avira will install on 64 bit Vista/7 while Norton and some others will not.
    Have a great weekend, I gota work!

  5. g

    bill: thanks for finding the x64 version of threatfire.

    it installed without a glich and is up and running like it should.

    for those with x64 systems, i recommend you download and install this most excellent piece of protection.

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  7. terry

    Hi Bill? I am having a problem downloading threatfire. whenever the download is complete it just disappears i tried to check it from the conrol panel if it was installed but it wasn’t there meaning it wasn’t installed. I have tried downloading it several times but i haven’t been successful. I really need it man. Am using vista 32bit ,avast4.8 and i also have system protect installed. please let me know what could be the problem.chao

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Terry,

      Let me answer your questions in reverse order –

      Yes, you can use System Protect and ThreatFire at the same time – I have not heard of any problems with this configuration.

      When downloading ThreatFire, save the download to your Download folder, or to your desktop; then install the application manually. You shouldn’t have to disable System Protect to effect the install, but if you can’t install in this way, try turning off System Protect until the install of ThreatFire is complete.


  8. terry

    can i usboth sysem protect and TF at he same time? or will it give me problems?