Free CDBurnerXP – Burn Baby, Burn!

image If you’re looking for value (and what can be better than free), CDBurnerXP is definitely a significant freeware application.

The fairly simple interface makes it a breeze for even the most inexperienced user, although it should be said that some users have mentioned that the interface has some confusing aspects.

A disadvantage for some potential users may be the necessity to download and install .Net Framework 2.0, which is a 22.4 MB Microsoft application (280 MB on install), that will take at least an hour to download over a dial-up Internet connection. Contrasting with that is the approximately ten minutes, or so, download time on even a slower cable Internet connection.

I have burned, at least, several hundred CDs in the last year using this free application, and in every case CDBurnerXP did the job flawlessly.

If you’re looking for a free burner application to do what it says it will do, with an easy to work with interface, then CDBurnerXP could be the program you’ve been looking for.


Quick facts:

Burn audio-CDs with, and without gaps between tracks

Burn on the fly (you don’t have to image the disc in advance)

Rip Audio-CDs to a Hard Drive

Obtains track-information (ID3-tags) from the Internet

Burn and create ISO-files

Create bootable discs


Multilanguage interface

Customizable with many settings

Data verification after burn,

Simple cover printing

Supports most IDE, USB, FireWire and SCSI drives

Free – (for both personal and corporate use)

No adware, malicious components, or restrictions

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Additional Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

Download at:


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5 responses to “Free CDBurnerXP – Burn Baby, Burn!

  1. whatsonmypc


    When I visit your site and I see that we are using the same software or promoting the same software, makes me feel good… This app is another great application that is comparable to the commercial packages and is minus all of the bloat.


    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks Rick.

      You’re right of course – a very good application that is good as most commercial grade burner suites.


  2. g

    love this program. i recently used it to burn the win7 iso to disc.

    another one i like is imgburn which connects up well with dvdflick.

  3. freewareelite

    This is my review of CD Burner XP.

    Excellent program. G, thanks for mentioning imgburn, I will try it out soon.